Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 6/13/13

The Final Impact
June 14, 2013
By: Josh Boutwell of

TNA finalized the field for this year’s BFG Series last night so that’s where I will start things off. I’m a little surprised to see James Storm and Kurt Angle out of this year’s BFG Series though Storm is ½ of the Tag Champs so maybe they just wanted to keep him away from the BFG Series to defend the belts against new challengers while I’m assuming Angle will spend the majority of the summer going after Bully Ray. The field is fairly strong this year and maybe the strongest it’s been thus far despite Kurt not being a part of it.

The opening segment was just kind of there for me, the fans were flat, and it really didn’t further anything other than furthering push the idea that it’s “every man for themselves” in the Tournament.

Bad Influence & Storm/Gunner had a solid match but I’m really wondering what Gunner & Storm will be up to over the Summer. Both Bad Influence & Aries/Roode are in the BFG Series and Hernandez is as well so that probably takes Chavo & Hernandez out of things. Could be interesting to see if they give a new tag team a shot. The potential match ups of Bad Influence and Aries/Roode during BFG Series should be fun and we’re obviously going to see those two teams face each other in singles matches as well as every man must face every other BFG competitor at least once in one-on-one competition during the Tournament. Like every year I will update the standings every week.

Park/Crimson had no focus at all and was just kind of there. Crimson seems just as green as he ever was and but then again it’s not like he had a long time to show anything. I’ve just never been into the guy. Looks like the Park/Abyss storyline will play out during the BFG Series.

The 4-Way had some solid action and I was pleasantly surprised by Magnus going over when it looked like all signs pointed to Morgan.

Great promo from Mickie and the heel turn is finally complete. I’ve enjoyed her over the top nice act she’s been doing but it was time to go all out and thing’s should pick up from here. It looks like the feud will be her and Velvet for the foreseeable future but I would assume Taryn Terrell will be in that spot sooner rather than later as well. Could be time to give Gail the babyface turn soon as well. Give her some time off and then come back as a babyface and work with a heel Mickie.

Aries & Young had an entertaining and at times funny match but the outcome was never in question. EY was only there to promote his show and to put Aries over.

The Battle Royal made storyline sense for Hogan to do and it also made sense for Aces & Eights to set it up where everyone but one would eliminate themselves. They planted that seed of deceit inside Aces & Eights with DOC and the faction is showing some signs of cracks in the foundation.

Sting announcing the reformation of the Main Event Mafia is something I’m just really not sure about right now. MEM is something that seems to be split amongst TNA fans. Some people really enjoyed that group and that time in TNA ( I for one remember one of my first ever TNA Recaps for WrestleView was the formation of Main Event Mafia at TNA’s first show on the road ever in Vegas) while some felt like it was a bunch of older former Champions hogging the top of the card. One thing that is going to be interesting is who Sting will recruit for this group. He emphasized that it would be the NEW Main Event Mafia so I would assume we can rule out Kurt Angle. Scott Steiner is very doubtful because he hates TNA now and they just sued each other. Kevin Nash is under a Legends Contract with WWE and Booker T is obviously with WWE as well. The premise of the first MEM was a group of former World Champions coming together to dominate TNA while having each other’s back. The former World Champions in TNA currently are Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, & Abyss/Joseph Park. Austin Aries & Roode are heels so I would assume we can eliminate them while Mr. Anderson is a member of Aces & Eights with Bully so we can eliminate them obviously. Kurt Angle was a former member and with all the emphasis on NEW I would assume he is out. Jeff Hardy doesn’t seem really to fit that group and really neither does James Storm. Park has had a loose affiliation with Sting but boy would that be awkward. Samoa Joe would be the only obvious guy for me since he was an affiliate of MEM for a short time. So either there is going to be some awkward and random members or they are going to go outside of TNA for the other members or the other members simply won’t be ex-World Champions. Did I just over think that entire thing? Probably.

Yet again AJ and Kurt deliver an excellent, exciting match. I could watch those two wrestle constantly. They didn’t quite exceed the Slammiversary match but it was still really, really good. I love the new little things AJ has added to his offense like the strike sequence (that ends with the spinning back fist and Lariat) and the flying dropkick through the ropes. Also, I love the new entrance music. I can’t stand country music and I really liked his old G.R.I.T.S. “Get Ready to Fly” theme (mainly because I love rap) but this thing is just perfect for AJ’s new character. It’s dark and aggressive and just fits that character. The old theme was way too up tempo for this darker character. AJ has 100% reinvented himself into this dark character changing his hair, his gear, his entrance/music, his facial expressions, adding new moves, and being more aggressive in the ring. After being the babyface of all babyfaces (minus a few heel runs in between) for the better part of a decade AJ deserves to be applauded for the way he’s pulling this off so far.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Mickie’s heel turn
– Match of the Night: AJ-Angle (****)
– Overall Grade: B+

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