Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 6/27/13

The Final Impact
June 28, 2013
By: Josh Boutwell of

Last night was a tale of two hours really, the first hour was pretty painful to watch minus the X-Division Title. The second hour was filled with great action and storyline progression.

The opening segment with Sting & Angle didn’t do a whole lot. They didn’t explain why Sting recruited Angle despite the fact that Angle was one of the TNA guys that didn’t come to his aid at Slammiversary.

The X-Division match was really fun but didn’t come close to the Ultimate X Match they had. The swerve with someone else under the Suicide mask was interesting, but I hated that they actually revealed TJ Perkins was under the mask. They went as far as to show him up unmasked as well. I hate unmasking a masked wrestler like that but the angle itself was pretty fun. I just hope Perkins is kept around because he is too good to just let go. It would be ridiculous to put him under the Suicide mask going forward though.

Howe vs. Big O was possibly the worst match in the history of Impact. I’m sure some are going to say I’m being too harsh but it was painful. I had a migraine headache before Impact started and this match made me want to punt a kitten. Big O was a sloppy, green muscle head who could barely do anything while Howe was just as green and sloppy. The ONLY thing interesting about either was Howe’s guitar playing entrance, but he’s a wrestler not a guitarist (though maybe he should switch professions). Neither one of those guys has ANY business being anywhere near TV.

Velvet and Mickie had a decent match for the most part but Velvet’s post match tears were pretty pitiful.

Roode and Magnus was really fun and they seemed to work well together. I’m not sure where they’re going with Roode started off very poorly (though that usually equals to a strong finish) while Magnus looks very strong right now. Tenay should get kudos for really putting over how big of a win that was for Magnus while Taz continues to suck.

Storm has had much better days on the mic and bringing out Jesse & Robbie was just head scratching. If that’s the feud for the Tag Titles then we are in for some frustrating TV.

Joe and Anderson had a decent match but that whole thing was all about the MEM reveal. Again Joe has history with MEM as he was an affiliate briefly in the original MEM but like Angle he was one of the TNA guys that didn’t come help Sting at Slammiversary so the logic is flawed.

The Suicide reveal was really good and it just plays so well into Aries’ “I’ll do anything to win the belt” mindset. I feel bad for Chris Sabin after everything he’s been through. He definitely deserved to be in that spot but Aries being there is not something you can complain too much about. Honestly I wish they would just make it a 3-Way and stick Sabin in there since he got screwed over here. I’m assuming we will see some type of multi man match at Destination X for the X-Division Title, hopefully a 6-8 man Elimination Match. Regardless Aries-Ray had a fun feud before so this should be good and make the outcome at least seem more in question. I don’t know where this leaves him in the BFG Series though.

-Promo/Segment of the Night: Suicide reveal
-Match of the Night: TIE – X-Division/Joe vs. Magnus (***)
-Overall Grade: C –

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