Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 8/15/13

The Final Impact 
August 15, 2013 
By: Josh Boutwell of

Another solid PPV-style show for TNA, I really enjoy these shows and I’m glad they are going to do one surrounding the BFG Series Final Four next month.

The opening Ladder Match was great, tons of awesome spots and Hardy only really took the one big bump so either he decided to take it a little easy or someone else told him to. AJ looked great and I love this new faction with Bad Influence & Roode. They aren’t just SAYING they are going to take over the BFG Series, they are acting on it.

The Tables Match wasn’t as good as the Ladder Match but it was still fun and with one match the leader of the new group is #2 in the BFG Series.

Rampage’s promo wasn’t near as bad as I expected, with a little work he could be solid. He’s obviously got natural charisma. Tito was horrid though in the little he did.

Knockouts had a solid hardcore match so I’m assuming we’re headed toward a 3-way feud with Gail & ODB & Mickie maybe.

The Main Event was solid but not great by any stretch of the imagination. The only real bad spot was the Frankensteiner spot where I thought Bully may have legit dislocated his shoulder. Bully winning was unfortunately what I expected. I wanted to hope that Sabin was keeping the belt until BFG but it was highly unlikely. The swerve with Tito was good for the simple fact that I was dreading the idea of two MMA guys teaming with MEM next week. It sucks for Sabin after such a feel good moment with him winning the belt, and this point you really have no clue where things go with him.

I’m expecting Aries to step up and help MEM next week after what went down this week even though he turned them down this week.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Roode
– Match of the Night: Ladder Match (***1/2)
– Overall Grade: B

Until next week… PEACE!

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