Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 12/12/13

The Final Impact
December 13, 2013
By: Josh Boutwell of

Tonight’s show started PAINFUL, that is the most honestly blunt way I can say it. The first hour just flat out sucked. We got one damn match in the entire hour and it was a mainly boring match to set up the Abyss reveal. With that said the second hour was much better and we got a lot more action and some good action.

The opening promo with Angle and Roode was okay but it was kind of lame to see two security guards and referees hold them back after we’ve seen this pull apart between them so much.

Don’t get me wrong I love the Roode/Angle feud, that segment just didn’t do much for me. With that said, the 2/3 Falls Match should be absolutely excellent.

I’m glad we’re finally moving towards a resolution with this Joseph Park stuff, just hurry up and get there.

EC3 and Sting just felt so forced like they had nothing for Sting to do so they threw him out there with EC3.

Madison Rayne coming back is awesome, I’m really glad to see TNA go back to after she gave birth to her child. She looks a lot slimmer than she was before though. Hopefully she can knock the rust off quickly because the feud she could have with Gail should be fun with the history they have. The Knockouts, like the X-Division, is still unbelievably thin though.

Someone please explain to Dixie just how absolutely atrocious she is on the microphone. My God it’s hard to listen to. With that said I liked the video package explaining the Dixieland Match and I actually think it could come off as a good match. Or, it could come off as an overbooked piece of crap. The name is just atrocious either way. It screams Vince Russo too.

Aries and Sabin had a fun, yet way too short match and it just highlights how thin the division is that they have to go right back to Aries. Where is Manik? Kenny King? Petey? Zema is back, use him. Hopefully TNA really did hire Extreme Tiger and they bring in some more international wrestlers to bring some spice back to what was my favorite part of TNA for years.

I actually enjoyed the Rockstar Spud segments. The guy is a goofball but he played it well and it was cool seeing AJ outsmart him and Dixie.

The Feast or Fired Match has always been a love/hate thing with me. I love the concept of such a risk/reward type of match but I despise the “____On A Pole Match” concept which Vince Russo ran intot he ground over the last decade or so. The match was actually very entertaining though and there was ton of great spots. Samoa Joe was beastly in the match and The Nerds (Norv & Dewey) were entirely more entertaining than they should be. I’m expecting Zema to win the X-Title shot, Gunner the World Title, EC3 the Tag Titles, and Chavito gets the pink slip (remember I don’t read spoilers so don’t laugh at me when I’m wrong on all four).

The Bully Ray promo was absolutely magnificent. This guy is incredible, it looks like he is now reinventing himself AGAIN. Will it be as good as going from Bubba Ray to Bully Ray? I don’t know as this character seems to be much darker, but man so far I’m loving it. That promo was just great and the quoting of the Motley Crue song was great because a lot of people like me who don’t listen that music won’t necessarily know what it’s from while old school rock fans will appreciate it as well. I could do without the eerie organ playing during it though.

Overall poor start but hot finish to a so-so show that could set up some nice things for the future.

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Bully Ray
– Match of the Night: Feast or Fired/Aries vs. Sabin (**1/2)
– Overall Grade: C+

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