Dashcam Footage From Jeff Hardy’s DUI Arrest Released

TMZ Sports has released the dashcam footage of Jeff Hardy’s DUI arrest.

Jeff was arrested Monday in Volusia County, Florida. Violations include DUI Alcohol/Drugs 3rd Offense within 10 years, Driving While License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked and Violating Restrictions Placed On Driver’s License.

The video shows three police officers initially pulling their guns out on Jeff. when officers retrieved Hardy from the vehicle, officers questioned him about why he had been pulled over. The officer in charge said that “several 911 calls” had been received and that Hardy’s driving was “all over the road.”

Jeff was then advised by Police to sit on the front of the police car. As Jeff got up, he then stumbled, but didn’t fall down. Jeff then told the police he has a doctor’s appointment for a “brain scan.” Jeff was then asked about the smell of alcohol he had all over him. He told the police that he had drank “double shots of fireball.” Then what appears to be a nearby car park, police conducted a further sobriety test, which then led to him being cuffed by the police and arrested at 9:54 am local time for the DUI.

Below is link to our report from Monday on Jeff’s DUI arrest.