Major title changes hands at AEW Worlds End, the devil and goons revealed

Samoa Joe is the new AEW World Champion.

Joe defeated MJF at Saturday’s AEW Worlds End to become the new AEW World Champion. MJF was the longest-reigning AEW World Champion, having held the title 406 days. He first won the title from Jon Moxley at the 2022 Full Gear PPV.

Below is an excerpt from Alex Kahrs’ AEW Worlds End recap of how the title change went down.

Max smiles at the chance to take a shortcut, but Joe kicks him…only to get a low blow from the top turnbuckle by the champ! MJF has him up on his shoulders for a fireman carry slam, driving the challenger into the canvas! MJF crawls over for a cover as the ref finally comes to, before making the count…BUT JOE MANAGES TO KICK OUT ALL THE SAME!

Max calls to Cole to give him the ring…but this lets Joe cinch in a rear naked choke! MJF fights it back for a nearfall before Joe gets the choke locked in tight! MJF is scrambling as he looks for a way to escape!

The ref checks his arm, lifting it up once…and twice…and the arm drops a third time onto the leg of Joe! The ref seems confused for a split second, but calls for the bell!

After the match, Adam Cole was revealed to be the devil and the goons are The Kingdom – Matt Taven and Mike Bennett, along with Roderick Strong and Wardlow.

Over this past Summer Adam Cole and MJF developed a friendship, which was soured up by Roderick Strong. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett throughout accused MJF of being the devil, while Wardlow has said since his return this past October, that he was coming after MJF.

The devil storyline began at the end of the September 27 episode of Dynamite when four masked men, along with the devil, attacked Jay White. MJF said all along that he was not the devil and that someone stole his mask. The devil and the masked men then attacked The Acclaimed, Billy Gunn, and Hangman Page on previous episodes of Dynamite.

Matt Taven and Mike Bennett were also revealed to be the new ROH World Tag Team Champions. Under masks on this past Wednesday’s Dynamite, they pinned MJF in what ended up being a handicap match after Samoa Joe faked an injury. It was later revealed that Joe had a working deal with the devil.