Alberto El Patron

Alberto El Patron no longer under investigation

GFW Unified Champion Alberto El Patron (real name Jose Rodrigeuze) is no longer under investigation by the Orlando Police Department stemming from an incident at Orlando International Airport several weeks ago according to a report by Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Patron is no longer under investigation as a “suspect” due to a representative of the Orlando PD revealing on Thursday that currently contracted WWE star Paige (real name Saraya Bevis) could now be charged with battery.

GFW has yet to reveal if it will lift the suspension of Patron at this time.

7/20 After Impact

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  1. People should learn not jump into conclusion over matters they no nothing about. Alberto had already been condemned all over the internet and his public image took a battering. All these from people who weren’t present at time of the incident and who have absolutely no idea what happened on that day.

  2. I agree. He may be an asshole or not, but that would be a horrible thing to be falsely accused of.

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