GFW Conference Call

A GFW conference call with the media took place on Wednesday afternoon with special guests Bruce Prichard and Dutch Mantell.

Here are some highlights from the call.


  1. “Bruce Prichard says that measuring the success of a wrestling show by TV ratings is long gone.”

    You know who says that? Losers who can’t get high ratings. Even WWE these days. Streaming may be the eventual future but fact is, for the time being, the success of a TV show is still measured by ratings + or – DVR viewing. No matter how much GFW or WWE want to admit it, ratings still do matter. If they didn’t, then the various networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox) wouldn’t have cancelled a slew of their shows due to low ratings. And yeah, I’ll bet that fat asshole does want to bring back Gut Check. Anything to put his own repulsive disgusting face on TV even more, even though it was a ratings killing failure before. That’s the real reason that misogynist shithead doesn’t believe in ratings. Because they dropped 46% during his first time there due to his, Hogan’s, & Bischoff’s selfish incompetence.

  2. How come they developed an APP for the UK but not for the US, still don’t understand that one. I would watch GFW/Impact if it were on an APP, but I don’t get Pop, so oh well…

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