Matt and Reby Hardy

WWE star Matt Hardy and his wife, Reby Hardy, posted the following on Twitter on Wednesday night in response to an interview Anthem head Ed Nordholm conducted with Sports Illustrated earlier in the day concerning the ongoing legal battles between Anthem and the Hardys over the rights to the “Broken” trademarks.

Matt responded to claims Nordholm made that Hardy wanted $100,000 extra in addition to the terms agreed upon in a renewal of Hardy’s contract with GFW.

Reby then responded to a tweet about the ongoing story made by about Nordholm’s claims in the SI interview.


  1. according to the interwebz nobody watches impact especially not in the wwf so the need to rehash a storyline nobody watched is irrelevant, move on matt, it’s not as if people are gonna chant delete at summerslam…

  2. Who really cares about this whole “broken” gimmick anyhow. Its too late now to re-start this gimmick. They’ve been “normal” Hardys in WWE for months now. At this point (or in the future) it would be lame and stupid if they all of a sudden became “broken” again. They should have stayed with ROH for a bit, they were getting over huge over there and were the top guys outside of WWE. Now, they are pretty much what the Dudleys were during their last WWE run: a nostalgic act that puts over other tag teams.

  3. To win a court case for defamation, you have to prove damages. Not sure how you do that when you end up not signing with GFW, and then sign a WWE contract. Lawyers should tell them to drop it.

  4. Oh look at that, Matt lying again, V1 Lied just like he did with Adam {edge} and Amy {lita}

  5. Is recording phone calls without the other parties prior knowledge illegal in the U/S. as well? If so I hope the Hardy couple did do it. Besides that using CAPS to say something that kind of makes no sense unless you are talking like The Rock, does you no favors except makes you sound like an whining, attention seeking wife of a moderately successful wrestler.

  6. They were chanting “DELETE” at WrestleMania so I’d say a lot of WWE fans were aware of it.

  7. Unlike The Dudleys, The Hardys at least got another tag team title run but other than that…yeah pretty much what you said.

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