Reby Hardy

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard is featuring an interview with Reby Hardy where she fires back at recent claims by Anthem and GFW President Ed Nordholm about Matt Hardy and the initial negotiations between both sides.

On Nordholm claim that Matt Hardy asked for an extra $100,000 in negotiations:

“That is not accurate, but it is laughable. During contract negotiations, when I started to notice as well as hear from friends about Jeff Jarrett’s shady business tactics, I did two things: I immediately filed a trademark for “Broken” Matt Hardy, and started to record every conversation between Matt and anyone at that TNA office, including Ed Nordholm and Jeff Jarrett. For recording phone calls, it is legal with a one-party consent law in North Carolina, which is where we live, and Tennessee, which is where TNA has its office. If Matt wasn’t in North Carolina for those conversations, then he was in another state with a one-party consent. Matt made sure to protect himself, because no one from that company is protecting us. In the phone call that Ed Nordholm is referencing, it is very clear that Matt did not hold Anthem up for any money. He did not request $100,000 more. Matt tried to make Impact great again, for real, and not just through a hashtag. He did everything he could for that company, and Ed Nordholm’s comment is so petty and unprofessional. Who do Ed Nordholm and Jeff Jarrett think they’re fooling? You could never even imagine Vince McMahon acting this way. Two days before his contract is up, Matt’s receiving drunk texts from Jeff Jarrett. Matt is an established star, and they treated him like he was insignificant.”

If Anthem and GFW have an argument about owning the “Broken Universe”:

“There is enough question in the contract, in terms of gimmick development and intellectual property, that our attorneys strongly feel that there is a case. If there were no question about it, like Jeff Jarrett and Ed Nordholm continue to say, then I would not be discussing it, and neither would Matt. There is enough of a question in the contract that it is worth fighting over. If it were as cut-and-dry as Anthem is trying to make everyone believe, then we would have stopped pursuing it. That’s not the case. There are legal questions over the verbiage in the contract, and we have a good chance of winning this battle.”

If GFW was truthful about not asking for a percentage of Hardy merchandise:

“In one of the contracts, Anthem snuck in a percentage the company would be owed from any income from and The fact that they would feel entitled to that is a joke. Jeff Hardy’s site is literally his paintings and music; it has nothing to do with wrestling and is an artistic venture. Why are they entitled to any of that? To slide that into the contract was a real shady move, and we have the documents to prove it. Jeff Jarrett’s plan was to give Jeff Hardy all the money, and he actually said to pay Matt as little as possible because he believed Matt could not go anywhere without Jeff Hardy. I had reservations about WWE for a long time, but I forgot all of my reservations and our loyalty to the TNA brand after I learned that. F— these guys, to put it bluntly. After Matt financed his own shoots and put hours and hours of his own time writing the shows? F— these guys. We didn’t have any scripts. They’re claiming IP, they’re claiming this is their character and development, but we never had one script or one shoot sheet. That was all Matt pouring himself into the character and dedicating himself to it.”


  1. Honestly, this is getting really old. This gimmick isn’t really worth either side fighting about. WWE has made it clear they aren’t using it. Matt Hardy still chants “Delete” during every match so those few hundred people can repeat it. Otherwise, the Hardys are going to be used to open shows, to get kids and teen girls into wrestling, and so that Jeff can hit a swanton once a week. WWE’s tag division isn’t going anywhere currently, but the Hardys won’t be at the top of it anymore regardless.

  2. what makes me laugh is this “woman” and i use that term very loosly clearly doesnt know when to keep her mouth shut. i’d be surprised if she hasnt or doesnt end up causing damage the more she continues to flap her gums.

  3. That is not how it worked… Hulk Hogan had Hulkamania in the AWA first, Vince did not create Hulkamania!

  4. Broken Hardys was the best thing to happen to wrestling since the Pipebomb promo from CM Punk! It’s the only wrestling I’ve watched in past 3 years….

  5. Oh f*cking hell! I’m now looking at this whole thing like the Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker thing now. Just end it one way or another so we never have to hear about it again! Preferably with GFW eating crow like Gawker did.

  6. She just comes across as that trashy woman at a bar who, even though her guy had taken a beating and wants to walk away, still keeps shouting, cussing and making herself a spectacle!

  7. And it (Hulkamania) continued in WCW to some degree! Same with Macho Man and Duggan. Actually, you can write a long list of talent who went to WCW who carried the gimmick over and it happened vice-versa as well (i.e. Goldberg, Sting)

  8. I actually thought it was a great gimmick too and feel WWE would have a interest in it if Matt owned it free and clear and they saw it as the merchandise potential it truly is. Think of how big it got in TNA (most talked about thing in the company at a time when the company isn’t talked about and carried over to WWE fans to some degree – when has that really happened with a TNA gimmick?) and consider the potential in WWE if done right. I think Matt knows that and it was the most relevant thing he did on his own – considers it his baby perhaps. I wish we didn’t have to hear about it until it is finalized one way or the other but I do think it would push the Hardys through the roof in WWE if done right and even allow Matt to flourish as a singles competitor if they go that way. I was at WM and saw the reaction around my section alone and feel the casual fans would feed off that – again, if done correctly. But also tired of hearing about it.

  9. Why not just Anthem let the Hardy Family have rights to the Broken Universe, I mean Vince McMahon let Terry Bollea the rights to Hulk Hogan.

    I mean Anthem & GFW don’t even own the Broken gimmick, WWE could gain big things from it but Anthem & GFW give me break.

  10. Fun fact: Steve Borden owns the legal rights to the name Sting. The singer known as Sting doesn’t own the right to the name but the wrestler (the man called Sting) does. I guess Sting is a much more easy-going guy than those Anthem tight-asses.

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