GFW Destination X

During a segment that will air on the GFW Destination X special tonight on Pop TV beginning at 8:00 p.m. Eastern (7:00 CT), Jim Cornette made his return to the company as a new authority character role in GFW going forward.

According to tweets by @MrJacobCohen, Bruce Prichard announced that he would be returning the GFW Unified World Championship to Lashley when Cornette interrupted and appeared to “fire” Prichard in his authority role in the company. Alan Wojcik also clarified that Prichard only appeared to be “fired” for this first taping at the moment.

Cornette then announced to the live audience in Orlando at Universal Studios that things were about to change in Global Force Wrestling and that guys will have to “fight for the belt.” A 20 man gauntlet for the gold was announced for next week’s show to crown a new champion. This is Cornette’s first appearance back with GFW (formerly TNA/Impact Wrestling) since September of 2009 after first debuting in 2006 in a similar authority role.

Thanks to Online World of Wrestling for help with this report.


  1. And just when you think things couldn’t get any more retarded, this company finds a way to take retardation to new levels. It’s ok though… the 250 000 fans that watch this product don’t even care if the show makes sense or not. They are going to tune in anyhow! Btw, Jim Cornette is a mentally unstable asshole. All he does is rant and rave like a lunatic, and he actually threatened to kill Vince Russo more than once. But its ok, Jarrett would rather use this old clown instead of guys like Tyrus. Good luck guys!

  2. What the actual .!!! Now I have a reason to start watching again…. I gave up on their terrible booking 2-3 years ago….

  3. I lost confidence in Cornette a long time ago as well. He talks shi* about almost everyone, yet never had to really back it up. Hell, anyone can do that.

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