WWE star Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis) will not be charged with domestic abuse stemming from an incident at the Orlando International Airport according to TMZ Sports.

A representative for the 9th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office informed TMZ that the case is now officially closed as Alberto El Patron (Jose Rodriguez) opted to not press charges against her. Rodriguez will not be formally charged either.

Orlando police had initially cleared Patron of all wrong doing and indicated they would open an investigation regarding Paige going forward. Paige would have been facing another suspension from WWE had she been charged per the company’s domestic violence policy.

Paige stated in recent weeks that she is still working towards a return to the ring for WWE. Patron was recently stripped of the GFW World Championship and appeared to be written off GFW television the next few months leading up to Bound for Glory in November.


  1. I’m starting to find this whole thing more than a bit unbelievable: so initially it was him abusing her, then it transpired it was her abusing him. He gets stripped of his title even though he was proven innocent & she won’t get suspended because he decided not to press charges. Someone feel free to correct me!

  2. Typical pattern of abuse. I know nothing is proven, but it most cases where a woman is in an abusive relationship, she covers for the guy who abuses her, the guy claims she did it, so she he can make her feel like she needs the guy to get her out of legal trouble, in this case Patron “drops” charges, or says nothing happened. Then, the cycle continues next time Paige is abused. The abuser will mess with the victim emotionally, to gain control. I find it hard to believe 100 lb. Paige beat up Patron, unless she had a gun or something, but that’s not the case.

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