PWInsider reported the following news and notes following last night’s Impact TV tapings in Nashville at the Nashville Fairgrounds (aka the former TNA Asylum):

* Anthem’s Ed Nordholm gave a speech to the entire roster before the tapings and talked about accomplishing a lot of what they set out to do in 2018. He reportedly described 2017 as a “learning year” after Anthem purchased Impact.

* Nordholm talked about the growth of the Fight Network internationally and how Impact will remain part of that. He talked about bringing Impact TV to a network like Pursuit being a big goal so they could own the digital rights to the show, which will allow them to simulcast the show live on Twitch.

* When asked by the roster, Nordholm assured them that any rumors of Anthem looking to sell the company were not true and they remain committed to the brand.

* Scott Steiner was brought back for one night only at the tapings, although it’s possible he could be brought back for future events in 2019.

* The Impact taping on Monday experienced a power issue inside the Nashville Fairgrounds. They were able to get it resolved and resume.

* Backstage at the taping included Crazzy Steve, Bram, Crimson, Chris Harris (formerly of America’s Most Wanted) and Andy Douglas (formerly of The Naturals). Tommy Dreamer was also working backstage in a producer role.

* For those wondering, former TNA President Dixie Carter did not attend the Homecoming PPV on Sunday night or the TV tapings on Monday night.