LAX officially bids farewell to Impact Wrestling, Reportedly turns down top money contracts

LAX bids farewell to Impact, Turns down Top money contracts

We reported on Saturday that LAX, Santana and Ortiz finished up with Impact Wrestling at last Friday night’s television tapings in Mexico City

After their match, the duo was embraced in the ring by the locker room talent and given a standing ovation from the fans in attendance. 

Santana and Ortiz took to Instagram on Saturday to bid farewell to Impact Wrestling. The duo stated that their appreciation and gratitude for every single person who helped them get to the point of where they are.

They also went on to note they are forever grateful to Impact Wrestling for the opportunity to represent the Latino community and culture on a big stage.

According to PWInsider, Impact Wrestling had been attempting to lock Santana and Ortiz into a new long-term contract, offering what one Impact source deemed “top singles star money per talent,” but were unable to come to terms.

Santana and Ortiz’s contracts are ending very shortly. They have been given offers from WWE and AEW.