IMPACT X-Division Title changes hands at Final Resolution

The IMPACT X-Division Title changed hands Saturday night at the Final Resolution event that streamed live on IMPACT Plus. 

TJP used his former Manik gimmick to answer Rohit Raju’s Defeat Rohit challenge and pin him to win the X-Division Title. 

It should be noted that TJP also previously held the X-Division title as Manik in 2013.

IMPACT Co-Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore had previously told TJP he could not challenge for the title as long as Raju was the champion, and told TJP to think about what Dusty Rhodes would do.

TJP took to Twitter to comment on winning the X-Division Title, and Rohit Raju also took Twitter, but to comment on his loss. You can check out both Twitter posts below: