Impact Wrestling Ratings

This week’s 3/9 episode of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV drew 292,000 viewers on Thursday night according to a report by

This is down slightly from last week’s show that drew 293,000 viewers. While a small drop, it was not a good night for Impact as the show didn’t rank among the Top 150 on cable.

Impact Wrestling Ratings

Impact, headlined by Lashley vs. Alberto El Patron for the Impact Wrestling World Championship, averaged a 0.07 rating among adults 18-49 on Thursday night. This is the same rating the show drew last week.


  1. It’s just too many reboots, retries and reimagings of the brand. Have the roster is gone, what was left that was good is now disappearing and they can’t expect people who tuned out a long time ago because of these factors to just tune back in because they dropped TNA from the name and Double J is back in change. It nearly failed under him before, and why would most wrestling fans expect much different? I watched it, and it was just another episode of Impact in my opinion. Nothing special and it seemed empty, with so many holes in the roster.

  2. Watched Impact for the first time in a while since hearing about this new direction and this show had pros and cons but way more cons. The pros: bringing in a new influx of talent. Reno Scum & Rachel Ellering just to name a few..bringing in some new blood is a good idea to freshen things up. The cons are them mentioning WWE way too much (they talked about WWE more than WWE talks about themselves) and the biggest annoyance of them all was the bickering back and forth all night between Jeremy Borash and Josh Matthews. I guess they’re trying to copy the heel Michael Cole angle WWE did years ago which sucked anyway. I always liked Borash and don’t mind Pope even though some people hate him as a commentator….I would just keep Borash and Pope as my broadcast team and get rid of Matthews altogether or stick him backstage doing interviews or something…anything other than play-by-play cause he’s not likeable at all calling matches and has that cookie cutter style about him like most of the other modern day WWE broadcasters. The back and forth bickering was so bad at times that it kept me from enjoying the matches. I’ll either have to watch the show on mute or go back to not watching at all. The potential’s there for them to finally get things right but a lot of it felt like the same old TNA/Impact.

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