Global Force Wrestling

It appears that Nashville-based Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA Wrestling) will be officially rebranding as Global Force Wrestling effective this Sunday at Slammiversary.

Nate Rau of The Tennessean is featuring an article with comments from Jeff Jarrett and Ed Nordholm where it is made clear that an official rebranding will take place just days after it was announced that Anthem and Impact had acquired GFW.

Jeff Jarrett will continue his creative role with the company, while the weekly Pop TV show will continue to use the Impact Wrestling name. The move was said to be in large part to distance the new Anthem-owned regime from the issues under the old TNA banner that, as described in the article, “endured a turnstile of cable television partners and garnered negative headlines for unpaid bills, unpaid talent and state tax liens.”

This move comes just days before the company celebrates its 15th anniversary with the Slammiversary PPV this Sunday in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios. The promotion was originally founded back in June of 2002 under Jeff and Jerry Jarrett under the NWA-TNA (Total Nonstop Action) name. It would later undergo an attempt at rebranding as “Impact Wrestling” in 2011 in the latter part of its tenure on Spike TV from 2005-2014. The show would then shift to Destination America in 2015 and then make the jump to Pop TV one year later in 2016, a deal that reportedly expires at the end of 2017.

The article noted that the company views Slammiversary as a “relaunch” of sorts, with Jarrett further elaborating on the pending changes.

“We’re a global brand. We have partnerships in Mexico, Japan, other places. Collectively coming together, we’ve combined forces and basically the rebrand final touches happen (on Sunday) at Slammiversary.”

Anthem’s Ed Nordholm also talked about the continued growth and first 100 days of the new regime under Jarrett and other wrestling minds.

“We needed a wrestling guy. One part of our international strategy is not just to take WWE-style ‘Impact’ and export it to other countries, but as well to more deeply penetrate those international markets in association with (wrestling) promotions that are centric to those markets. The (international promotions) want to tap into our expertise to boost those shows, but also to in turn boost the GFW content. When Anthem got involved we saw a rare opportunity to get involved with an asset that already had global distribution. It’s a 3,500-hour library, broadcast in 120 countries, existing distribution contracts in India, Africa and now the United Kingdom.”


  1. Change the product, not the name! Lashley and EC3 are boring, James Storm without Roode is just sad, and just bringing in AAA and New Japan state twice a year doesn’t help the cause.

  2. So the Impact Wrestling titles, which have a longer history than the GFW titles, will deactivated? Brilliant!

  3. Most likely not. They will probably be some Impact Titles and stay in the US while the Global Force Titles will be in the US and go to the Feds across the Planet. Germany, South Africa, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, And more and more

  4. O_O (:O
    Wh…WHAT!?? Seriously!!??? Another name change and to a brand that was virtually a failed non-entity. My God, Matt Hardy was right! They used TNA to fund GFW into existence!
    You know what? . this company! What was once my favorite promotion is now officially dead to me! Let Vince steamroll them into bankruptcy and have them be another addition to WWE’s pirated library vault of dead wrestling companies. I don’t care at all anymore! “Rebrand as global force wrestling”, KISS MY ASS EVERYONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!

  5. It almost seems like Jarrett got what he wanted. It was a long game, but he did it. Trying to remove all mention of TNA may be smart, but they need to do something that excites the fans again. I don’t like Hawaiian Pizza, and you can’t just rename it Honalulu Meat Pie and hope I will change my mind. WWE, NXT and ROH pretty much have all the bases of styles and promotions covered. NJPW is the international powerhouse and GFW is left in the dust. They are the AWA of the mid to late 80’s.

  6. I hear you and completely agree. TNA 2002-2017, killed by its creator’s own hand and his evil cabal of owl worshipers.

  7. AKA We are trying to remove any stinch, any inkling, any ounce of Dixie Carter influence from this company. This change in name is essentially the final change in guard from old regime to new regime

  8. The TNA name was dumb to begin with, it was .ing Russo’s idea and now he’s been exposed 1000 times over you can’t keep that stink on your company!

  9. i never cared for the tna name, it had no mention of wrestling in it and it was a big running joke for a while because it sounded too much closely to another abbreviation t&a ”tits and ass”. at least gfw has wrestling in its name.

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