Impact Wrestling

Scott D’Amore on Impact Wrestling’s identity in 2018

The Mirror in the UK is featuring a lengthy interview with Scott D’Amore talking about his new executive role with Impact Wrestling and the brand identity going forward in 2018.

“I think that what you’ve seen historically with a lot of the changes – and it’s not a problem unique to just this company – so many people when they come in, when there are so many changes in power and control, it’s a complete upheaval. It’s hitting the reset button and as you said, there is a lack of stability. I think that it’s important that we approach it as a company and that hopefully the fans and viewers out there understand, that lots of people have tried to do the quick fix here. That’s not what is going to succeed. What is going to be successful is if we make a lot of small decisions right over a period of time, to put us in a position to make some of the big decisions. So consistency and stability are very important at this stage.”

Sonjay Dutt undergoes surgery

Sonjay Dutt recently underwent surgery to repair a torn right Achilles tendon according to a new report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online.

Dutt is expected to be out anywhere from nine months to a year as a result.

Dutt was active as part of the X Division in 2017 along with a backstage Impact role.