Impact Wrestling talent

Speaking under condition of anonymity, Impact Wrestling talent contacted to inform them they have yet to be paid since the last set of Impact TV tapings in January that were held in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios.

The talents also claimed they were not paid for the Bound for Glory PPV held last November and the TV tapings that followed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada until after the Christmas holidays or just shortly before the last set of TV tapings in January.

This news comes just a weeks after a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated talents booked for independent dates through Anthem and Impact were being forced to wait six weeks to be paid, instead of being paid that night if they booked it themselves.

Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm issued the following statement on Friday evening to PWInsider when contacted about the claims by current talent:

Talent is not behind on their pay. We generally provide for talent to be paid as independent contractors in the month following a month in which services are rendered. This was an improvement over previous management, where talent cheques were issued only as the actual episodes aired (could be as much as 12 weeks after tapings before final INSTALLMENTS were delivered).

We instituted a payment policy last year to pay for all services rendered in a month in the following month, regardless of when the shows would air. Accordingly, cheques for January were mailed earlier mid-month; cheques for November were mailed mid-December (and I understand got caught up in Christmas mail delays).

We realize that one unexpected impact of moving our corporate offices to Canada has been a further delay with mail services going cross-border. We are working to streamline our talent payroll processing so future events will be paid closer to the beginning of each month after services are rendered.


  1. Boys, you’re better off working at WalMart or McDonald’s. You’ll get paid more there, & they pay you on time. If you still want to wrestle, head over to your local high school gym or someone’s dead-end backyard promotion. Those draw bigger (and louder) crowds than Impact (100-200 non-papered peeps) and I’m sure they will pay you the mere $150-$300 per appearance that Impact gives you.

  2. Why wouldn’t they be on direct deposit? Check is in the mail? Mail delays for your cheque which is being sent a month after you actually provide the service? Sounds like 1982, rather than 2018. Must suck for Scott and Don talking about a new era and this stuff keeps coming up. Ps. Lashley and EC3 noted they never had payment issues – funny how they only seem to do it to the young talent who needs the pay the most! Pretty sure Hogan, Angle, Flair, RVD, etc never had payment issues while there.

  3. Very simple reason; the longer the money is in the payer’s account, the more interest is made upon it. It’s a shoddy practice, but not uncommon for companies with cashflow issues.

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