Devin Cutting sent this in:

Chris Masters will be appearing at the Big Time Wrestling event in Newark, California on March 6th, 2009. Go to for info about BTW and or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

Dawayne Capshew sent this in:

Impact Zone Wrestling
January 31st 2009
Impact Arena

‘Celtic Warrior’ John O’Malley beat Lars Manderson by pinfall

Revolution(‘Sensational’ Seth Allen and ‘Great’ Dane Griffin) beat ‘Vulture’ Kenny Campbell and Dustin Heritage by pinfall

‘Mr Money’ Randy Price beat ‘The Gifted’ Eric Rose by pinfall

John Zorthos w/ Bernie Donderwitz beat ‘High Energy’ Jermaine Johnson w/ Montego Seeka by pinfall

‘Freakshow’ Chrisstopher Crow beat Austin Tacious by submission in a Dog Collar Match

Steven Ashe sent this in:

Quick Results
January 30th – Hamilton, Ont

1. Moondog Buddy defeated Kingdom James

2. Mr. Atlantis w/ The Wizard defeated Lak Siddartha

3. Tommy Ryder defeated Jessy Jones to win the Internet Championship

4. Scotty O’Shea defeated Colin Delaney, Ethan Page and Rip Impact in a 4 way Elimination
Page eliminated Rip Impact
Scotty eliminated Ethan Page
Scotty eliminated Colin Delaney

5. Easy E/Sabrina Kyle defeated Reck/NRC

6. Eddie Osbourne defeated Gurv Sirha

7. Robbie MacAlister defeated Geza Kalman by DQ
Reggie came out not cleared to wrestle with his knee still hurting from when Geza destroyed it on the ring post Jan 4th. Robbie subbed for Reggie. Geza was DQed for striking the offcial.

After the match Robbie made it official. The Highlanders and Reggie Marley vs. Geza Kalman and two partners of his choice Feb 22nd.