Indy Update #1: NWA PWF, NWA NY, MACW

Indy News Update #1 for April 4, 2010
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Report sent in by Alan Wojcik and Shannon Rose:

On Saturday April 3, 2010 Wrestling for A Cause & NWA Pro Wrestling Fusion held “Call To Arms.” The Krewe of the Knights Old St. John was the benefactors of the event as 850 people packed the Scottish Rite Pavilion of Tampa, FL.

During a pre-show match Steve Madison & “Iceman” Buck Quartermaine hit the ring and laid waste to the entire six man match. The six men were saved by Pepe Prado and Big Joe Bucks who had matches with Madison & Quartermaine later in the evening.

(1) Sinn Bodhi defeated Michael Patrick.
Bodhi mocked the physical attributes of Patrick so Patrick asked for a test of strength. Bodhi obliged with a double purple nurple and several questionable wrestling holds. Patrick bailed to the floor only to have Bodhi follow out and deliver a wedgie. The action came back to the ring where Patrick took over with a cheap shot using the bottom ropes to choke Bodhi. Patrick followed with a knee drop and a chinlock submission hold. Bodhi fought out only to have Patrick use hair to pull Bodhi back down. Patrick hit a leg drop but got only two and appeared frustrated, so much that he missed several elbow drops. Bodhi fought back and won with a double underhook DDT into a waistlock.

(2) Big Vito defeated Francisco Ciatso (w/DDSC members Cannon & “Princess of Wrestling” Amy Vitale)
To Ciatso’s shock, Vito didn’t come as the Italian killer he expected but in his best white cocktail dress. For a moment it looked like Ms. Vitale was jealous the attention wasn’t on her attire. Ciatso refused to lock up with Vito and slid to the floor several times to confer with the Double Deuce Social Club. Vito relished the fact he was getting inside Ciatso’s head and kept it up for several minutes. That was until Cannon distracted Vito and Ciatso attacked from behind. Vitale and Cannon wasted no time in helping Ciatso from the floor as he distracted the referee. Vito fought back by hitting Ciatso with a slam and an elbow drop for two followed by chest chops. Ciatso fought back with a clothesline for two and kicks to the ribs. Ciatso kept on the attack with a chinlock and some assistance from Cannon on the floor. Vito fought to his feet but he got slammed to the mat and hit with a knee for two before Ciatso slapped the chinlock on again. Vito nearly submitted but got an adrenaline rush that got him out of the hold and on the attack using his dress as a weapon. Ciatso fought back but was pinned by a Thesz press.

(3) “Marvelous” Mike Sullivan defeated “Black Nature Boy” Scoot Andrews (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi.)
To the shock of nobody in attendance Niemi & Andrews had plenty to say before the match. Andrews said he was a bit excited that he was wrestling a firefighter but then remembered he was in Tampa home of the worst firefighters in America. This didn’t sit well with a building full of firefighters and EMT service personnel. Sullivan is a Pinellas County Firefighter who came from the crowd and attacked Andrews and Niemi, beating Andrews until he slid to the floor. Andrews came back into the ring as the crowd let him have it. Andrews traded chops with his former tag team partner but Sullivan got the better of the exchange and delivered ten punches. Sullivan went for a float over in the corner but Andrews held on and dropped Sullivan. Andrews deposited Sullivan on the floor where Niemi was waiting to attack. Andrews went on the offensive with a second rope legdrop as Sullivan was caught in the ropes. Andrews and Niemi used the referee as a pawn, working behind his back as Sullivan was defenseless. Sullivan tried to fight back but got countered into a sitout facebuster for two. Andrews went for a corner splash but met only the second turnbuckle with his groin. Both men ended up on the backs after hitting clotheslines in the middle of the ring. Sullivan got to his feet first and delivered a running power bomb to the corner. Niemi got the referee’s attention so Andrews could nut shot Sullivan. Niemi thought it was over when he pulled out a weapon and went to hit Sullivan, only to deck Andrews. With Niemi and Andrews out cold Sullivan hit a top rope headbutt to get the win.

(4) The Heavenly Bodies (“Casanova” Chris Nelson & “Vivacious” Vito DeNucci) became NWA Florida Tag Team champions when they defeated the Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis & Jon Davis.)
Nelson insulted the Tampa ladies saying they would need to pay him tons to money to drink beer with them. DeNucci said tonight they would be walking out tonight champions and was happy DCFC’s parole officer let them out on furlough. Davis and Nelson began the bout and it was obvious the strength advantage was with the DCFC as Nelson was sent flying across the ring. Nelson decided he might fair better with Chavis and he was obliged but DeNucci tagged in as well wanting a test of strength. Chavis was well aware of the head games the Bodies are known for so he used his power to try and intimidate the former World champions. It worked ad the bodies were double teamed into a corner and then left in a double team position of their own. The DCFC had total control until Nelson hit Davis with a low blow. With Davis incapacitated by the blow, the Bodies went to work keeping him from Chavis for several minutes using legal and illegal tactics. Somehow Davis survived the onslaught and after hitting Nelson with an Acecrusher he tagged in Chavis. Chavis nearly defeated the Bodies on his own. David and DeNucci fought on the floor and it looked like it was over until Nelson used a championship belt to deck Chavis. Nelson didn’t need it but he got the pin with both feet on the ropes for leverage.

(5) In a no DQ grudge match, Big Joe Bucks defeated Steve Madison.
The Moose was greeted with a chorus of boos upon his introduction and he took his anger out on Bucks who fought back with a shoulder block. Madison was slammed to the mat but he recovered and hit chest chops only to be reversed by Bucks. Bucks hit a corner splash and a press slam but he was backdropped to the floor on a charge. The fight went on outside with Madison as the aggressor. Bucks fought back and the duo punched and kicked their way around the crowd. Beer was spilled and people mourned as the action came back to the ring as Madison suplexed Bucks back into it. Madison went for the win with a chinlock submission as the fans cheered Bucks on. Madison let the hold go and went up hitting a legdrop but not getting the win. Bucks hit a sunset flip for two and followed with a swinging neckbreaker. Bucks missed a corner splash and Madison didn’t miss a kick to the ribs. Madison went for the chinlock again and let it go again to inflict more pain which backfired when his corner splash met Bucks’ boot. Bucks hit a slam and went up top but Madison cut him off. They fought for position and Bucks ended up hitting a shoulder tackle. After trading near falls Bucks hit a powerslam and a spear to get the win. After the match Madison took the house mic and he said he should have beaten Bucks tonight he said Buck won fair and square. He said Prado wouldn’t fair that way tonight with Quartermaine.

(6) NWA North American Heavyweight champion the Sheik defeated New Japan Pro’s Kazuchika Okada.
The fans booed as the champion made his traditional prayer to Mecca. Okada didn’t seem to care and was ready at the opening bell to become champion and he took it to the Sheik with body shots. The Sheik slid to the floor and regrouped as the fans chanted USA. He waited for while before he came back in the ring and when he did, the Sheik attacked Okada with chokes and chest chops. Okada fought back with chops of his own but momentum went against him and he was tossed to the floor and the Sheik followed attacking Okada. The Sheik used soda and beer cans as weapons on Okada’s head before bringing the match back to the ring. The Sheik locked in a rear chinlock but Okada refused to submit. The Sheik went to use the championship belt as a weapon but the referee put a stop to that. Okada got two on a sunset flip but was promptly hit with a clothesline. The Sheik locked in a chinlock as he sat on Okada’s back but Okada stood up and drove the Sheik into a corner. Okada hit a dropkick and several forearm shots to the head. The Sheik dumped Okada to the floor and kicked him before coming back to the ring and missing a forearm smash. Okada hit a boot to the face followed by punches and kicks. Sheik appeared to load up his boot but he missed the kick. Okada went for a corner move but the Sheik kicked him in the ribs. This allowed him to lock in the Camel Clutch and Sheik won when Okada’s arm dropped for the third time.

(7) Pepe Prado defeated “Iceman” Buck Quartermaine.
Prado jumped Quartermaine before the bell and wasted no time in trying to win the match. The fight went to the floor and into the fans who protected their beers. Quartermaine slammed Prado to the floor and waited in the ring. Prado finally joined him where the fight began again. Prado laid in the punches and went up and came down with Quartermaine in a huricurana. “The Iceman” slid to the floor trying to escape Prado but Pepe followed but he got cut open when Quartermaine drove him head first into the light stanchions. Quartermaine hit a top rope fist drop for two. Prado fought off Quartermaine hitting a powerslam for two. Quartermaine fought back with kicks to the gut and a Sleeper as Prado’s second tried to get him to fight back. Prado escaped with a back suplex but Quartermaine was able to hit the Buck Q Shuffle elbow series for two. Prado fought out of a sleeper and both men fell over the ropes to the floor. Prado drove Quartermaine into the same light stanchion and split “the Iceman” open. Prado dragged Quartermaine up the stairs and into the fans where he slammed Quartermaine. The action finally came back to ringside where Prado kept control. Prado blocked a top rope move from Quartermaine and went up to hit a superplex. The referee got in the way and was decked and Quartermaine used a chain to knock Prado out. Prado’s manager told the referee after the pin and the match was re-started and eventually won by Prado who hit a top rope moonsault.

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Upcoming NWA Pro Wrestling Fusion events:
 Saturday – April 10, 2010 – Fort Pierce, FL.
 Friday – April 16, 2010 – Sanford, FL.
 Saturday – May 1, 2010 – Marianna, FL.
 Saturday – May 15, 2010 – Fort Pierce, FL.

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Todd Brantley sent this in:

Quick Results from NWA New York’s Anniversary Anarchy VI at the German House in Rochester, New York:

1. Rob “Just 2” Sweet defeated “The Heartbreak Kid” Dewey Michaels by countout
2. In his last match in NWA New York, The Dustytaker defeated “Big Rig” Brodie Lee (w/Cloudy) in a no-dq match

Main Show
1. Cheech defeated Hornet (w/Amy Victory)
2. CloudLee vs. The Caribbean Connection was ruled a no-contest after interference from Triple X & Hellcat
3. Amy Victory defeated Sassy Stephanie
4. “Fabulous” John McChesney defeated “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes (w/Star Rider) in a submission match
5. Tag Team Champions Triple X & Hellcat defeated The McCloud Brothers in a non-title “I Quit” match
6. NWA New York No Limits Champion Spazz defeated “The Montgomery Madman” Mo Mantha
7. “Superbad” Richard Venice from The Young and The Wrestlers won the Rochester Rumble, earning a shot at any NWA New York title of his choice
8. NWA New York Heavyweight Champion “The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabe Saint defeated Pepper Parks and Danny Doring in a triple threat match

NWA New York is proud to announce that it has signed some ECW originals for Continuing the Tradition 2010. Not only is NWA New York returning to the All Star Sports Arena in Irondequoit, NY, but NWA New York is also proud to announce that Tommy Dreamer will be in the house Saturday, June 26, 2010! Returning to NWA New York after competing at Anniversary Anarchy V will be another ECW original and Italian fan favorite Nunzio. Joining these two hardcore icons for the first time in NWA New York will be the in ring debut of Julio Dinero. And just announced tonight there will be a Four Corners Tag Team Title Match… Inside A Steel Cage! That’s right the cage returns to NWA New York as the NWA New York Tag Team Champions Trip to Hell (Triple X & Hellcat) will take on The McCloud Brothers (Evan & Kyle), The Caribbean Connection (Coconut Jones & Maximo Suave), & CloudLee (“Big Rig” Brodie Lee & “Little Rig” Cloudy). And this is ONLY the beginning. For more updates and info on Continuing The Tradition as well as other shows, check out

taterkirb sent this in:

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling coming to Gastonia N.C. April 10, 2010. Gaston Gazette article:

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