Indy News Update #2 for May 29, 2010
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William Hatfield sent this in:

The Seven Figure Deal Ace Rockwell on Tonight’s Wrestling Hotseat!
One of the hottest babyfaces in the National Wrestling Alliance, NWA Anarchy’s Own Triple Crown Winner Ace Rockwell joins me to discuss his amazing career!
From hated heel to beloved hero, the 7 Figure Deal proves why he’s one of the names to watch in the NWA’s United States Resurgence. In this 53 Minute Audio Interview
Ace discusses getting his start in wrestling, his longtime real life friendship turned professional wrestling rivalry with Shaun Tempers. We talk about what makes a
great babyface and what nuances one can incorporate to get the crowd into the match, how it feels when a company decides to make you a champion, and working in territories
like NAWA, NWA Wildside, and NWA Anarchy.
Ace really opens up and tells a great stories about New Jack, meeting and working with the late Ray Traylor aka The Big Bossman, and many of his NWA Anarchy and Wildside
colleagues. We discuss the matches with Iceberg & Tank, the betrayal, feud and storyline with Shaun Tempers and his internal thoughts on the angle. We also talk about
the Reverend Dan Wilson and the impact he had on NWA Anarchy and Ace and his career. Ace then discusses winning the Anarchy Television and Heavyweight Titles, giving
his honest and respectful feelings towards Chad Parham, and Shatter. We then get to hear his thoughts on the feud and matches with Shatter as well as, the 2009 Match
of the year candidate in many fans eyes from NWA Anarchy’s Hardcore Hell.
Next Ace talks about the betrayal from former friend Truitt Fields, the vicious assault on his fiancé and how the DQ ending to their last big match has lead to a
heavily anticipated “I QUIT” match that will take place at NWA Anarchy Fan Appreciation Night, this Saturday May 29th at the NWA Arena in Cornelia, Georgia. For ticket information
visit or call 706-768-9071

All this and More on the Wrestling Hotseat!

On Sunday You can listen to the interview at via streaming flash player or mp3 download for free.

Or You can check out the interview part one right now at our YouTube Video Link

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Steven Ashe sent this in:

PWA May 27th Results
Thursday May 27

PWA – Pure Wrestling Association
“Kinsman Carnival – Day 1”
Cambridge, ON
Results credit: Devin Cutting

1) Joey Allen defeated David Daniel Ducker.

2) PWA Pure Wrestling Championship:
Geza Kalman Jr. defeated Mr. Atlantis to retain the title.

3) PWA Ontario Championship:
Super Kamikaze defeated Eddie Osbourne to win the title.

4) Joey Allen, Mr. Atlantis & Super Kamikaze defeated Eddie Osbourne, Geza Kalman Jr. & David Daniel Ducker

Devin Cutting sent this in:

The Pure Wrestling Association returned to the Kinsmen Carnival in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on May 28th, 2010. Here are the results:

“Impact” Eddie Osbourne defeated Brandon “Beef Rib” Hynes. After the match, Eddie assaulted Brandon until Super Kamikaze made the save.

“Big Dawg” Geza Kalman Jr. defeated “Wild Thing” Juan Ortiz to retain the Pure Wrestling Title.

Super Kamikaze defeated “Impact” Eddie Osbourne to retain the Ontario Title.

The PWA will be holding more events at the Kinsmen Carnival in Cambridge on May 29th & 30th, 2010. Go to for info about the PWA & or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

Kevin sent this in:

Juggalo Championship Wrestling Results/Referee-Cap
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Westfair Amphitheater
May 27th 2010

Over 2,000 of the hypest and loudest fans ever assembled to watch an afternoon of wrestling crammed into the ringside area under a blazing Iowa sun to welcome the stars of JCW to Iowa!

The crowd was stoked for the matches to start, and Legs Diamond had the ring introductions underway for our 3 way dance when the Weedman entered the ringside area and invited those at ringside to inhale the healing marijuana smoke gingerly wrapped in tobacco paper which they did enthusiastically. The Weedman took the time to smoke out DJ Clay who was spinning entrance music but tragically as The Weedman mentally prepared for the match both competitors attacked him before the bell. With the capacity crowd in his corner, and a visibly intoxicated referee, things were going Weedman’s way with all his signature spots landing, despite having to almost work this as a handicap match! He had trouble pinning Justin Strife due to the Yellow Dog breaking up all his pin attempts. Finally the Weedman took the Yellow Dog’s Chew Toy and threw it far off into the distance, and the Yellow Dog was unable to resist chasing the toy, and by the time he got back with it, Weedman had already pinned Justin Strife with the Hot Box!

Next up, local wrestler David Clark decided to test out his skills by challenging Corporal Robinson to a match. Corporal has been white hot angry and thrashing anyone he can get his hands on as he counts down the days to Pondo-Robinson 2 in Denver Colorado May 31st. While Corp handles all his business in the ring; the young thug Violent J.J. is the guiding light of Robinson’s attempt to recapture the heavyweight title. With his young manager by his side, Corporal soaked in a massive ovation, and his manager ascended the ropes and soaked it all in. Once the bell rings, Corp is all business and he simply dominated and destroyed poor Mr. Clark from the moment the match started, until his hand was raised in victory. Post match saw Violent J.J enter the ring and celebrate with Robinson, and quickly decided to ascend the top rope, but instead of unleashing his signature pose he leaped high in the air and delivered a crushing double knee to the chest of David Clark for good measure, and celebrated for several minutes with his Protégé, Corporal Robinson.

It was time for a JCW tag team title defense, and the Thomaselli brothers Vito and Pauly came out and spewed hate on the microphone begging the local talent to give them some competition. Enter Brian Got and Darrick Cornell. These two locals got a great ovation and quickly jumped the Thomaselli’s at the start to try to get momentum and powered by a strong hometown reaction they hit a snap mare and double clothesline on the champions, but the experienced Thomaselli brothers quickly turned it around and nailed a series of clotheslines and kicks, before Vito hit a senton splash and Pauly hit an amazing standing shooting star press! This allowed Vito to hit the piledriver on Cornell, which led to the Burning Cutter and the double van terminators to conclude a successful title defense.

It was now main event time, and we saw the dastardly Mad Man Pondo make his entrance with the prized JCW title in his possession, as he was signed on to lock up with young Donnie Peppercricket, from Pepperidge, Ohio. Pondo has grown accustomed to the lifestyle that being a champion affords, and he is not going to give up the belt without a fight. Truth be told, Donnie Peppercorn, as hungry and polished as he is, is not able to truly compete with a Madman like Pondo. The crowd was firmly behind Donnie, but Pondo kicked, bit, and gouged his opponent at will in this NO DQ match and didn’t allow Donnie to get much momentum. Pondo smashed a cinderblock on the crotch of Mr. Peppercricket, and then bloodied him with a stop sign before finally covering him for the victory. Post Match Pondo grabbed the belt away from he senior official and hurried to the dressing room area to resume his championship lifestyle.

See you next time!
Kevin Gill
Senior Official
Juggalo Championship Wrestling

Juggalo Championship Wrestling Results
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Westfair Amphitheater
May 27th 2010

Weedman Defeated Yellow Dog and Justin Strife in a 3-way dance!
Corporal Robinson defeated David Clark
JCW Tag title match:
Thomaselli Brothers defeated Brian Got and Darrick Cornell
JCW Heavyweight Championship:
Madman Pondo defeated Donnie Peppercricket.

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MWF Insider sent this in:

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