Indy News Update #1 for July 19, 2010
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Bradley Grover sent this in:

From is this report of the results from NECW’s debut in Tyngsboro, MA on July 17, 2010:

New England Championship Wrestling debuted Saturday night, July 17, 2010 at the Tyngsboro Sports Center with an action-packed card featuring three title bouts and an impromptu cage match!

In the opening contest, “Handsome” Johnny Hayes defeated Julian Starr with a spin kick.

Before the next match could be announced, NECW Triple Crown Champion “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke and Ryan Bisbal brawled from the backstage area to ringside. NECW’s Sheldon Goldberg threatened suspension of both and stripping the Triple Crown Championship off of Locke if they didn’t break up the fight immediately. Goldberg reminded both that the main event was a non-title match with the stipulations if Locke won, Ivy was his valet for 30 days, and if Bisbal won he’d get to wrestle one last time for the Triple Crown at BIRTHDAY BASH 10. Goldberg then announced that to keep the main event, free of interference and to have a decisive winner the match would take place in a steel cage.

In a match for the NECW Tag Team Titles, reigning champions Rican Havoc (“Punisher” Don Vega and “That Freakin’ Rican” Jose Perez) defeated the team of “The Talent” TJ Richter and Mr. Munroe with a modified bearhug elbowdrop combo to retain the titles.

With the World Women’s Wrestling title on the line, current champion Mistress Belmont, with her manager “The Manager of Champions” Sean Gorman, bested Puerto Rican sensation Ivy by submission with a cross face-chicken wing.

Next up was an NECW TV Title match. TV Champion “The Heat” Kris Pyro defended against archrival “The King of New York” David Cash. Fans were swinging their NECW rally towels supporting Pyro to a successful defense when he countered Cash’s attempt at a TKO with a small package.

After the intermission was the main event. A non-title cage match with the previously mentioned stipulations between NECW Triple Crown Champion “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke, with the “Rock God” Brett Adams, and Ryan Bisbal. Competitors could win by pinfall, submission or by escaping the cage. Early in the match, Locke was lacerated on the steel cage and bled profusely throughout the match. Later, Julian Starr came to the ring attempting to hold the door closed as Bisbal tried to escape. “Handsome” Johnny Hayes made his return to the ring and bested Starr pummeling him from ringside. “The Rock God” then also attempted to prevent Bisbal from exiting the cage, but a Ivy ran to ringside and knocked him out with a forearm to the jaw. As the race was on to exit the cage, Locke crwled towards the door and Bisbal scaled the cage. Ivy slammed the door in the face of Locke and Bisbal dropped to the floor winning the match and the main event shot at the NECW Triple Crown on August 7th at BIRTHDAY BASH 10.


The following is a spoiler report(courtesy of member “Lucha Ben”) of the next several weeks of NECW TV(taped July 10, 2010 in Quincy, MA at the National Guard Armory):

Quick Results:
– Vinny Marseglia def. Mr. Mini-Roe and Ryan Waters and qualifies for the Breakthrough Bash tournament.
– Kris Pyro def. Brendan Michael Thomas to retain the Television Championship.
– Ray Kejimura def. Triplelicious and advances to the Breakthrough Bash final.
– Vinny Marseglia def. Matt Magnum and advances to the Breakthrough Bash final.
– Mr. Munroe and TJ Richter def. Rican Havoc, Don Vega and Jose Perez. Non-title match.
– Ray Kejimura def. Vinny Marseglia, winning the Breakthrough Bash tournament and getting a spot in next month’s Birthday Bash.
– Alexxis Nevaeh def. Amber.
– Brandon Webb def. Aidan Hunter.
– The G3 Network, Scott Levesque and Gino Giovanni def. Alex Payne and Johnny Hayes.

Announcements. Next month at Birthday Bash weekend…
– Alexxis Nevaeh and Mistress Belmont will fight in a Steel Cage match, on August 8, 2010.
– David Cash and Kris Pyro will fight in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.
– Mr. Munroe and TJ Richter will fight Rican Havoc, Don Vega and Jose Perez, in a Tag Team Championship match.
– DC Dillinger and Scott Osbourne will fight.

Detailed Results:
Breakthrough Bash qualifier 3-way match. Mr. Mini-roe (with “The Talent” TJ Richter and Mr. Munroe) vs. “H20” Ryan Waters vs. Vinny Marseglia. Referee Rob Teutel. Mini-roe does pretty well in the first half of the match, with help from Munroe and Richter. But, Teutel is on the trolley tonight and catches them in the act of cheating! Munroe and Richter are banished from ringside. Eventually, Marseglia flips Waters onto his head in an amazing move and wins. Marseglia advances to the Breakthrough Bash semifinals.

Pat’s Pit segment with “Manager of Champions” Sean Gorman and Mistress Belmont. Alexxis Nevaeh runs in and attacks Belmont! Nevaeh is really angry and even takes out Rob Teutel when he inadvertently gets in the way. When the skirmish is broken up, NECW General Manager Paul Richards comes out and makes an announcement. Nevaeh and Belmont will settle things once and for all at Birthday Bash on August 8, 2010. Gorman will not be banished from ringside! It will be a Steel Cage match! Nevaeh attacks Belmont again after this announcement, and the officials have difficulty separating them.

Television Championship match. “Prince of Pink” Brendan Michael Thomas vs. “The Heat” Kris Pyro (c.). Referee Rich Bass. The action goes outside the ring, with some high flying before devolving into a slugfest. From off the corner ropes, Pyro flips and slams Thomas for the win and to retain. After the match, “King of New York” David Cash runs out with a ladder and beats up Pyro. Cash announces that he will fight Pyro next month at Birthday Bash in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.

Breakthrough Bash semifinal match. “Iron” Ray Kejimura vs. Triplelicious. Ref. Teutel. Kejimura is arrogant, primping and posing. He ill-advisedly tries to pick up Triplelicious and instead falls with Triplelicious on top in a crossbody. In contrast, Triplelicious successfully lifts Kejimura in an overhead press (with Kejimura screaming) before dropping him to the mat. Finally, Triplelicious misses a seated drop off the top rope, which sets into motion a sequence of events ending with a kick to Triplelicious’s head. Kejimura wins and advances to the Breakthrough Bash final.

Breakthrough Bash semifinal match. Matt Magnum vs. Vinny Marseglia. Ref. Teutel. Magnum attacks Marseglia outside the ring before the match starts. Marseglia sends Magnum up and over the crowd barricade into the front row of seats! They enter the ring and the match finally starts. Magnum splashes off the corner ropes, but Marseglia moves out of the way, flips him over, and pins him for the win. Marseglia wins and advances to the Breakthrough Bash final.

Mr. Munroe and “The Talent” TJ Richter (with Mr. Mini-roe) vs. Rican Havoc, “The Punisher” Don Vega and “The Freakin’ Rican” Jose Perez. Ref. Bass. Mini-roe tries to interfere and apply a drop to Vega, but he gets Richter instead. Similarly, Munroe tries to get an elbow drop on Perez but gets Richter instead. Perez and Vega apply chops to Mini-roe and then throw him out of the ring onto Richter and Munroe. Munroe and Richter win! While the referee (and I) were distracted by Munroe and Vega fighting outside the ring, something happened inside the ring. It seems like a low blow was administered to Perez, with Richter getting the pin. While Perez rolls on the ground holding his groin, Richter challenges them to a rematch at Birthday Bash, this time for the Tag Team title belts.


Breakthrough Bash final match. “Iron” Ray Kejimura vs. Vinny Marseglia. Ref. Teutel. The match gets underway quickly as Kejimura tries to catch Marseglia off-guard, but Marseglia takes control early with Kejimura running out of the ring. Kejimura tries to apply a sleeper hold, but Marseglia is able to fight his way out, backing Kejimura into the turnbuckle. Finally, sent into the corner, Kejimura is able to jump up and out of the way of Marseglia’s rush. From behind, he grabs Marseglia and rolls his shoulders to the mat for the pinfall. Kejimura wins and goes on to compete at Birthday Bash.

Promo. “Daddy Cat” DC Dillinger announces his match against “The Natural” Scott Osbourne next month at Birthday Bash. He calls out Osbourne, but “The Rock God” Brett Adams comes out instead and talks for a long time. Dillinger attacks Adams, but “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke runs in to interrupt. Adams and Locke proceed to beat up Dillinger badly. Done with Dillinger, Locke goes to the commentator’s table and attacks Joe Matterazzo! Locke then shoves Matterazzo into the crowd barrier. The entire audience is booing! A fan in the front row engages Locke in heated discussion. Locke hits him! To reiterate, Locke hit a fan! Wow! In the aftermath, it took a long time for things to clear. The fan had gotten knocked down, but he is okay and is able to stay and watch the remainder of the event. Matterazzo is okay, but it looks like a commentator’s headset/microphone was damaged in the fracas. Sheldon Goldberg spent some time trying to repair it, and I’m not sure if he was entirely successful. They should make Locke pay to replace it. Locke should be ashamed of himself for attacking Joe and the fan! It was one of the most outrageous and shameful things I’ve seen.

Amber vs. Alexxis Nevaeh. Ref. Bass. Amber wearing black, net stockings, a black top with net accents, and black shorts over midnight purple apparel underneath. Alexxis wearing her blue and fluorescent yellow, two-piece “Lexxus” gear. The crowd boos Amber and chants insults. Nevaeh runs in and attacks Amber to start the match. Nevaeh is vicious tonight, both in this match and in her earlier appearance. Amber cheats by stepping on Nevaeh’s hair. The match goes back and forth, but Nevaeh eventually gets the win before limping off.

Aidan Hunter vs. “The Devil’s Reject” Brandon Webb. Ref. Teutel. Hunter is from England, and the crowd heckles him with taunts about “tea and crumpets”. The match starts with the two shaking hands. There are lots of holds and counters, and the match spills outside the ring with high flying moves. The two are evenly matched. However, Webb is able to win with a pumphandle suplex.

The G3 Network, “Sensational” Scott Levesque and “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni (with Sammi Lane) vs. Alex Payne and “Handsome” Johnny Hayes. Ref. Bass. Hayes and Payne rush the ring to chase the G3 Network out. Then, they go after them outside the ring. Payne and Levesque start it off, then Hayes tags in and works on Levesque. Hayes is tripped by Lane, and Levesque takes control. Hayes is able to fight him off and make the tag. Payne and Giovanni then start fighting. Payne’s leg gets caught in the ropes, and Giovanni works on his knee. Repeatedly Giovanni and Levesque work over Payne’s left knee, and Payne is beat up for an extended period of time. Finally, Payne is able to make the tag and Hayes is able to get back into the match. Hayes does a cartwheel off an Irish whip to avoid getting thrown into the corner. However, the match ends when the treacherous Sammi Lane taunts Hayes and gets him to chase after her. With his partner distracted, Payne is pinned by Giovanni. The G3 Network wins. This was a really long match.

CHIKARA sent this in:

“Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Show” comes to Philadelphia in 6 days!

On Sunday afternoon, July 25th, CHIKARA presents it’s mammoth summer spectacle “Chikarasaurus Rex”! In addition to the 6 matches listed below, the event will also see ECW legend Tommy Dreamer inducted in the Hardcore Hall of Fame. Then, Dreamer will suit up for action, as he teams with Eddie Kingston to face the duo of Claudio Castagnoli and Ares!
Take a look at this stacked card for July 25 in South Philadelphia:

Tommy Dreamer & Eddie Kingston
Claudio Castagnoli & Ares

CIMA & Dragon Kid & Masaaki Mochizuki
Icarus & Chuck Taylor & Gran Akuma

Amazing Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Hallowicked
Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi & BxB Hulk

Drake Younger & The Osirian Portal vs. The UnStable

The Colony & Frightmare vs. Tim Donst/Pink Ant/Lince Dorado/Tursas

Info on the NYC bus trip coming to the event is here:
Get advance tickets right here:

Season 9 is here:

“Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Show”
7.25.2010 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The ECW Arena!
7 W. Ritner Street (corner of Swanson)
in well-swept South Philadelphia, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

Young Lions Cup VIII – Night 1
8.27.2010 – Friday Evening
Live @ The Goodwill Fire Assoc.!
100 Madison Avenue
in tranquil Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 7:30 pm!

Young Lions Cup VIII – Night 2
8.28.2010 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Goodwill Fire Assoc.!
100 Madison Avenue
in totally rad Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 7:30 pm!

Young Lions Cup VIII – Night 3
8.29.2010 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The Goodwill Fire Assoc.!
100 Madison Avenue
in peaceful Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

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