Indy News Update #1 for January 30, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent this in:

Official Wrestling Eclipse results from Janurary 29th Canada Cup of Wrestling Vaughan, Ontario

First just want to say thank you for all that attended.

Gentlemen Geoff opened up the show and anounced the Return date to The Vaughan Sportsplex for Saturday March 5th Special belltime at 8pm


“Psycho” Mike Rollins d. Ethan Page

“Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin d. Kenneth Crisis

Josh Alexander d. Anthony Darko

“Dangerboy” Derek Wylde d. Ashley Sixx
—-Ashley Sixx was about to use a chain, but “Psycho” Mike Rollins made the save and distracted Ashley allowing Wylde to recover and get the win.
—Note that on our Priemer event Josh Alexander and Mike Rollins were both victim to Elgin and Sixx’s cheating ways.

Coming back from intermission Gentlemen Geoff reannounced the March 5th date. Announcing a first time ever match-up Between Sebastion Suave vs. “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde, as well as the Eclipse Debut of the Super Smash Brothers claiming they are the hottest free agent tag team in North America.
This plug for the next show was interrupted by none other then former UWA star’s Lionel Knight and Christopher Bishop.

The 2 men known as Checkmate, Apologized for interuppting the show. Going forward saying they came to say hi to some old friends and when hearing the new they had to chime in. Claiming that the SSB are a great team, but they remembered being the hottest free agent Tag team only a few years ago, and that it’s funny when someone is out sight they become out of mind. Issuing the challenge to SSB for March 5th to see really who the best free agent tag team is.

“Midnight Special” Rj City d. Farhan Farouqui

Gabrielle Vanderpool d. Courtney Rush

“Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin d. Josh Alexander, “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde and “Psycho” Mike Rollins in a Fantastic MOTN.

Early parts of the match saw some small miscue’s between the good friends and often tag partners Josh Alexander and Mike Rollins. Winding down, Rollins enters a house of fire on Elgin just to be tagged on the back by Alexander. Alexander goes for a top rop moonsault, Elgin sends Rollins in to the ropes crotching Alexander. Elgin gets rid of Rollins and hits the powerbomb on Josh to Eliminate him. Rollins in again taking Elgin to the floor, Wylde executes the beautiful Sky Drill press to both men. Wylde brings Rollins in for he dvd, but Rollins escapes for a roll up on Wylde to eliminate him.
After an intense hard hitting 7 or so minutes between the last 2 men left Elgin and Rollins, Elgin took out the ref with a shoulderblock from the second rope ment for Rollins. Rollins then hits his Fisherman buster for a 5 count the crowd called out, but no referee was there to make the count. Ashley Sixx then hit the ring laing boots to Rollins.
Josh Alexander runs in to make the save, after a minute of holding Ashley Sixx and Elgin off lays out Rollins and Leaves.
Elgin gets on Rollins for the count as Ashley Sixx wakes up the ref, but onl a 2 count. Directly after hitting his patten powebomb on Rollins for the win.
Post Match – Smith Hart award the Canada Cup title to Elgin, but Elgin disrespects the wrestling Legen by saying when your in a ring with me, the only Legend is himself not some washed up bum.
After this occured Rollins had regained his composure but with the ring clear, Issued a challenge to former friend Josh Alexander.

Saturday March 5th
8pm Belltime
10 Westcreek Dr. Vaughan, Ontario
Wrestling Eclipse Returns
Already signed for this show

Sebastion Suave vs. “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde

Super Smash Brothers
Player Uno & Stupefied
Lionel Knight & Christopher Bishop

“Psycho” Mike Rollins vs. Josh Alexander

Steven Ashe sent this in:

Mecca Pro Wrestling
“Uncivil Wars”
January 22, 2011
The Navy Club
Cornwall, Ontario

MTH beat “The Prodigy” Zack Storm

Robin Sane beat Mark Green

Eric Mastrocola beat “The Oddyssey” Alex D.

The Hart-Breakers (Mike Hart & Joey Valentyne) beat 2Phat (Xplicit & Billy Gibson)

Inter-Promotional CWA Heavyweight Championship Match:
Jeremy Prophet (c) beat Reggie Marley

20 Minute Iron Man Street Fight:
Canadian Justice beat “The Rage” Randy Berry 2 falls to 1

MPW World Championship Match:
FireStorm (c) vs. Frank “The Natural” Couture was declared a double count-out

Our next event “Multiple Counts of Mayhem” will be held on Saturday, March 12th at The Navy Club in Cornwall, Ontario. Details to come!

Steven Ashe sent this in:

Join us as CCW returns home to Tillsonburg but to a new venue! Thats right folks we have a new home at the Tillsonburg Legion @ 16 Durham st. So join us Feb 6th as we return home to a new home. We have an awesome card as you can see below with hometown favourite Freak Show,Fan Favourite Cody Deaner along with all the other stars of CCW.

Show Card:

Michael Elgin vs. Cody Deaner

Nikta vs. Cherry Bomb

Cezar vs. Tyler Tirva

Evilyn vs. Courtney Rush

Derek Wylde vs. Super Xtremo

Sgt. Dickson vs. Freak Show

The Big Money Titans vs. Jacobs/Prattis

Daemon Reznor