Indy News Update #2 for March 26, 2011
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Jesse The Mark sent this in:

Southern All-Star Wrestling presents “Tribute to the Fairground Volume 2: Tag Team Warfare”
Fundraiser Benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Middle Tennessee
Saturday, May 14, 2011
Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena
625 Smith Ave, Nashville, TN 37203
Belltime: 7:30 PM – Doors: 6:30 PM
VIP Event Pre-Show: 5:30 – 6:30 PM
VIP Seating: $15 (Reserved Seating: Includes Special VIP Event w/ Commemorative Ticket)
General Admission: $10 (Remaining Floor Seating and Bleacher Seating w/ Commemorative Ticket)
Sponsored by: Red Rooster Bar & Music, Snap Fitness, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Hollywood Tans, Sports Clips, Salon Luxe, Brewsters Touch of Class Auto Sales

*The Official After Party at Red Rooster on Demonbreun Street in Music Row directly after the event!!

Amped Up Sports and Entertainment Magazine will be there to cover the show Live that evening!


-Main Event: The Biggest Tag Team Feud in Wrestling History Comes to a head May 14th!!
Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton) vs. Rock N Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)

-The Legendary “Dirty” Dutch Mantell has a special message for all the fans on May14th!

-Tag Team Challenge Match
“Dangerous” Doug Gilbert & “Wildfire” Tommy Rich vs. Wolfie D & Former WWE Superstar/DX Member “Roaddog” BG James

-Former WWE Superstar Brian Christopher & Kevin White vs. Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick)

-SAW Southern Heavyweight Champion Hammerjack will be in the house!

-Special Attraction Match
Former WWE/ECW Superstar “Simon Dean” Mike Bucci vs. Former WWE/WCW/ECW/TNA Superstar Jerry Lynn in his in ring Return!!

-Return Match
Diamonds in the Rough (Former TNA Superstar David Young & Sigmon) w/ “Goddess” Athena vs. The Maddox Brothers

-Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews vs. Jocephus

For the VIP Tribute to the Fairgrounds ticket holders, you will be able to attend an autograph session with all the Legends and Superstars on hand that night before the doors open! Plus, you’ll get to see some exclusive SAW Pre Show action!

-Pre-Show Exclusive:

-Women’s Match
The Beautiful Abriella vs. Former IWA Queen of the Death Match/Former TNA Superstar Mickie Knuckles

-Wrestling Seminar Tag Team Showcase Match
The top 4 Wrestler’s from the Seminar get to compete later that evening!

-Plus so much more!

Tickets are available now by visiting, calling 724-355-3172 or available at the door! Purchase your Tickets in Advance before this HUGE HISTORY MAKING EVENT SELLS OUT!!!!

Don’t forget about the HUGE Wrestling Seminar Conducted by “Dirty” Dutch Mantell and Dennis Condrey before the show from 1-4pm. Email for all the details!

*Card Subject To Change*

Steven Ashe sent these notes in:

PWA/MCW – Guelph, Ontario results

1. Johnny Wave defeated KC Andrews by submission.
-Post match KC attacked Wave and put him in a submission.

2. Xandra Bale defeated Mommi Tsunami with a tornado ddt

3. Luis Aveiro defeated HardKore Hick with a combination: handstand kick, pele kick and superkick for the three

4. Eddie Osbourne defeated Justin Sane in a quick match countering a springboard crossbody with knees to the guts and a roll up with tights. Post match Sane laid osbourne out with running boot.

5. The daVinci’s defeated Mr. Atlantis/Danny Magnum w/Nicky Martin to win MCW Tag Belts.
– Match ended with DaVinci’s winning but by DQ, was made into a no dq where they won again pinning Mr. Atlantis.

6. Super Kamikaze defeated PWA Ontario Champion Joey Allen by DQ. Still Champ Joey Allen


Neo Spirit Pro “REDEMPTION”
Saturday April 23rd Fight Club Canada Niagara Falls
4536 Portage rd unit 2
doors open at 6:30 bell time 7:30
Ticket locations: Pulp Comics, Midas, United Family Martial Arts in Niagara falls
Niagara Entertainment Exchange in St Catharines
Ticket hotline: 289-668-3250

Hot off the Heels of NSP’s return comes REDEMPTION!!!
this show will feature the return of BODYCOUNT as they lock horns one last time with their top rivals “The Italianos”!! Plus a six person tag team elimination match featuring Pepper Parks, Tiberious King and Courtney Rush vs. Derek Wylde, Cody Deaner and Cherry Bomb!!



Standing Strong Results

Saturday March 19 2011

Rage Entertainment / Big Time Pro Wrestling
“Standing Strong”
Ottawa, Ontario

Rideau Carleton Raceway
Ring Announcer: Super Sam Dube
Referees: Alex Hatfield, Danny Linkin
Results credit: Peter Bisson
1st Match: Jaguar beat Mr. Atlantis

Mr. Atlantis made his wrestling debut at RE, making his ring entrance with 2 hand mirrors so he could admire his own jacked up physique from many different angles. Jaguar failed every attempt to match strength with this guy, who enjoyed a brief advantage, but perhaps did too much show-boating, such as choking Jaguar in the middle of the ring, doing one handed push-ups on Jaguar’s throat. It didn’t take long however for Jaguar turn things around by speeding up the pace of the match and catching Mr. Atlantis by surprise and taking him out with his finisher, the flying dropkick.

Super Sam called newly crowned RE Champion Dave Titan to the ring, informing Dave that he had been given authority to choose an opponent for Dave’s first title defence. Dave had no problem with that saying he was ready to take on all challengers, but lo and behold, 4 guys came out one after the other – Prof. Adib Monsour, Maximus Primal, Drake Styles, and Pierre Khourey. Super Sam decided to enter all 4 combatants in a 2 round tournament that would declare a #1 contender for the RE title.

2nd Match: “Magic” Mario Bryant beat Cecil Nixx

Although both these guys are pretty well at the bottom of the roster – it turned out to be a pretty good match with plenty of fancy spots. It was getting to the point where I had to wonder if these guys forgot that the name of the game was to pin your opponent rather than out perform him, but at the end, it appeared to be a plot that Magic Mario had cleverly goaded his opponent into a spot fest that he ended rather abruptly with a less than fancy pinning hold down with his feet on the ropes that the referee had failed to see.

3rd Match: “The Real JJB” beat Crimson “X”

It appears that JJB has made a full heel turn as he came out with an attitude and not only refused to slap fives with the fans but dissed them as well. Apparently he was able to hand pick his own opponent, the fans making it quite obvious they were not impressed, as most of the match JJB was mocking and bullying his much smaller opponent. JJB’s cockiness was almost his undoing as Crimson caught him off guard with a double knee-plant to the face from the top rope as well as a harricanarana. That was enough to convince JJB to quit messing around as he ended it quickly with a leg drop bulldog.

4th Match: Maximus Primal beat “Pure And Proud” Pierre Khourey

This was a 1st round match for the number one contendership for the RE title. Khourey seemed to have a well thought out game plan as he blindsided Maximus almost immediately and kept the advantage by never letting up on his opponent. Khourey came close to losing the upper hand after a few disagreements with the referee, but none-the-less never allowed Maximus a chance to recover, until he hurt his back after slamming Maximus. It didn’t take long for Maximus to power up and deliver an appropriate finisher to an opponent with an injured back – a devastating power-bomb!

5th match: The Prof. Adib Monsour beat Drake Styles

This might sound like a TMI (too much information) but I drank too much liquids before the show, and I had to go. The bell had rung, but Drake and Adib were both yapping back and forth and using all kinds of stalling tactics – anyways, I had to go. I came back from the men’s room, and the action had still not gotten underway, but finally it started just as I got back to my seat. The match that finally got underway was exactly what one would expect, 2 of the most gifted technical wrestlers at RE, were also 2 of the most notorious rule breakers, the match was anything but scientific. Don’t know what was on Drake’s mind as he aborted a virtual guaranteed pin just to bicker with some jabbering fans. Adib took advantage and knocked out Drake with a gold chain and leg dropped him for the pin.

6th match: Koko & Razz Monsour beat Derric Hamilton & KC Andrews

Well sad to say, but it appears that the Monsour twins only gave the fans at the last show false hopes of them turning fan favourites as they were not friendly at all to the fans on their ring entrance. At least Derric Hamilton and his new partner (heavily tattooed) KC Andrews came out on a more fan friendly note. It also appeared that the Mansour twins had reverted to their rule-breaking tactics in the ring as well, and effectively cutting off KC Andrews from his tag team partner. Eventually Derric got tagged in and for a brief period was a “house on fire” gaining a brief upper hand on the Monsours. But alas, the switcheroos and double-team tactics were too overwhelming as KC Andrews was taken out by a low blow and a DDT from the top rope.

Super Sam called out Mr. Know-It-All for an interview, but instead was substituted by Magic Mario Bryant who came into the ring with a contract for Crusher Kline to sign for a match against Drake Styles. Crusher was so furious over the results of last months match he signed that contract without a moments hesitation. Moments later however, Super Sam read the fine print which stated that Mr. Know-It-All reserved the right to change the stipulation of the match at any time, and it said that Crusher’s opponent for that match had been changed from Drake Styles to a 2 on 2 match with Tray Hugh Mongous and Thunder. At that moment, Magic Mario snatched the contract from Super Sam and ran out of the building. At that point, Crusher said fine, he’ll handle both of Tray and Thunder, and asked for Super Sam to be in his corner as an added insurance against the possible interference from Mr. Know-It-All or Magic Mario.

7th Match: “The Steel Warrior” Yves Drouin beat Frank The Beast Bradley

At first, I almost considered this a Deja-Vu match (Maximus vs The Beast) you had a powerful wrestler vs a savage beast, anytime Yves out powered his opponent, The Beast would counter with biting, eye gouging, and rope-burning. This match did however had some interesting and unique twists – Yves would get Frank in the corner and go “SHHHHHHHH!” before chopping. When Frank got Yves in the corner, instead of going “SHHHHH” before chopping, he simply screamed, “SHUT UUUUUUPPPP!” Yves showed The Beast he had some dirty tricks of his own such as pulling The Beast around by his overly abundant chest hair. In the end, it was the Steel Warrior who won with a power move combination that I would describe as a pump handle running powerslam.

8th match: Maximus Primal beat The Prof. Adib Monsour

This match was a second round and final match to determine the number one contendership for the RE title. It looked as though Adib was on a roll as he got the immediate upper hand with a thumb to the eye. The audience was obviously getting real fed up with Adib’s tactics as chants of “CHEATER!! CHEATER!! CHEATER!!” became almost deafening, even having Adib blocking his ears from the chants. Maximus did make a brief comeback by delivering a stunning chin breaker, however, before long, Adib’s cheating ways once again paying off as he finally has Maximus in a compromising position and nailed him with a devastating leg drop. In what could have been a guaranteed pin, the Mansour twins showed up to ringside and Adib aborted his pin attempt to deal with his meddling nephews. This distraction allowed Maximus not only time to recover, but he caught Adib by surprise with a codebreaker and got the pin.

Maximus’ victory celebration was short-lived however as The Real JJB stormed the ring and attacked Maximus, targeting and severely injuring Maximus’ arm, putting his title shot in serious jeopardy.