Indy News Update #2 for February 11, 2012
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Impact Zone Wrestling – Violent Valentine
Sat Feb 11 8:00PM ET

Violent Valentine is upon us. This Saturday, February 11, it all goes down at the Impact Arena in Lawton, Oklahoma. 3 titles will be up for grabs, including the most prestigious championship in the Mid-South territory, the IZW World Heavyweight Championship.

In the main event, IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil battles his arch nemesis Jermaine Johnson in a TLC Match for the World Title. This is quite simply the top two wrestlers in the region going “mano y mano” for all of the marbles. These two grapplers have had a year and a half feud over this piece of gold and it all ends at Violent Valentine. Neil is the champion and with carrying the belt comes a confidence that is hard to match, but on the flip side there is Johnson who is the King of the Gimmick matches, and in fact, the two have previously met in a TLC Match for the IZW Heavyweight Title with Johnson getting the victory. The casinos in Vegas can’t even handicap this match, it’s that even. One thing that is for certain is that both men will put their bodies through hell and back and for one of them it will all be worth it because at the end of the night, he will get his hand raised and be universally recognized as the top wrestler in IZW and the surrounding areas.

In the co-main event, Impact Division Champion Rage Logan defends his belt against not one but two opponents in a Triple Threat Match. Double D is one challenger, while the mysterious Man in the Dark is also ready to go for gold. This bout is easily the most unique as nobody in IZW knows who the Man in the Dark is, except for Commissioner Brandon Bishop who has shaken up the landscape of IZW since his return to the promotion. For Double D, it looks to be a handicap match as Logan and the Man in the Dark are definitely no friends of D’s. But Logan is also at a disadvantage because he is going into a title defense against someone he cannot game plan for. It’s anyone’s guess how this bout will turn out, but one thing is for certain, the Man in the Dark will finally be revealed.

Also up for grabs is the IZW Tag Team Championship of the World. Originally held by the Old School Suckas (Bernie D and Gary Tool), Bernie D was severely injured in 2011 and has not made his return to IZW. The Future Hall of Famers (Wage and Eric Rose) won a bout early this month making them the #1 Contenders, and Tool was left without a partner to wrestler the FHF. That’s when Randy Price stepped up to the challenge and offered to take Bernie D’s spot. It was an opportunity Tool could not turn down as he accepted Price’s help and now the new team of Tool and Price will face the FHF who have been on a role as of late. Someone’s walking out with championship gold and it’s going to be the team that can work as a cohesive unit the best.

Don’t miss Violent Valentine; it’s the first iPPV of the year for IZW, the hottest promotion on the circuit. See all of the wrestling, high flying, feuds and rivalries in HD this February 11 as Impact Zone Wrestling presents what is sure to be a ruthless card where bodies will not be spared.


Pro Wrestling Onslaught – Empire Ryzing 3
Sun Feb 12 4:00PM ET

Pro Wrestling Onslaught: Empire Ryzing 3.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Byron Wilcott(c) vs. “One Man” Mike Dell

World Tag Team & Texas Tag Team Title Match
-1st fall wins Texas tags & final team wins World tags
“The Submission Squad” Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico(c) vs.
“Sex Bob-Ombs” Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett vs.
Gary Jay & JT Lamotta vs.
“Baby Seal Enchiladas” Pinguino Ultimo & El Partyo

Texas Heavyweight Title Match – falls count anywhere
“Sexy Junk” Scotty Master Blaster(c) vs. “Gym Candy” Chuck Martin

Seph Anunnaki/ Sebastion Envi/ Billy Club w/ Brandon Kurtz vs. Streetmilk/ Carlos Esquivel/ Zero The Anti-Hero

Light Heavyweight Title Match
ACH(c) vs. Ophidian vs. “Flawless” Jerome Daniels
Barrett Brown vs. Carrion Arcane w/ Vanity Valentine
Magnum JA vs. Kristopher Hayden

Callum Rule passed along a video created by Luke Farmer profiling one of New Zealand’s top talents in Travis Banks.