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Women Superstars Uncensored Press Release
WSU Announces Holiday Special Show on 12/12 Featuring Mercedes Martinez vs Rain For the WSU World Title, Former WWE Womens Champion Jazz vs Angel Orsini, Former ECW/TNA Knockout Shelley Martinez, TNA Star So Cal Val & Much More

WHAT: Women Superstars Uncensored Returns on December 12th
WHEN: Saturday, December 12th, 2009
WHERE: Flemington’s American Legion Hall
Address: 41 Rt. 31 South, Flemington, NJ
Ticket Information: $18 at the door (If any tickets remain) or $15 in advance
WSU fans looking to order tickets in advance, please contact BULLSMC@aol.com for complete information on a special discount
***This venue is a guaranteed sell-out. Make sure to order your tickets in advance!***
Website Info: WSUWrestling.com
Contact Info: BULLSMC@aol.com or Call 732 888 1704

WSU, the company that provides more women wrestling shows than any other company today, will return with one more event in 2009. On December 12th, WSU will be teaming up with our big brother promotion, the NWS to present a combined show, which will feature at least 6 huge women matches plus only the entertainment that WSU can provide. NWS will also be presenting several men matches at the event, featuring the likes of former WWE IC & Tag Team Champion, “El Matador” Tito Santana. All WSU talent & NWS talent will be made available for autographs/photos prior to the show & during intermission.

WSU has announced five big matches already. They are:

For the WSU World Championship
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Rain
* Note: If Martinez loses the championship during her busy schedule before 12/12, this will be a triple threat match with the current champion

Special Challenge Match
Former WWE Womens Champion Jazz vs Former WSU World Champion Angel Orsini

Former TNA Knockout Nikki Roxx vs The Definition of Technician Cindy Rogers

Tag Team Grudge Match
Jana & WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage w/Rick Cataldo vs Latasha & Alicia

The Undefeated Amber O’Neal vs Japan’s Own Sumie Sakai

More matches will be taking place. Also appearing on the event are SHELLEY MARTINEZ, SO CAL VAL, JENNIFER CRUZ, DESTINY & much, much more!


Breaking Down The Matches


When WSU returns for its last show of 2009 on 12/12, the show before WSU’s Third Anniversary Show, we will see the very finest in womens wrestling battle to make their name known. 2009 has been a very exciting year for WSU, as we have never seen better womens wrestling before and so many credible challengers to the WSU World Title, a title Mercedes Martinez has defended valiantly and proudly since March 7th, when she won the championship in an epic BULLROPE match with Angel Orsini. During the course of her reign, Martinez made the WSU Womens Championship a World Title, when she defended the championship in Australia.

Since winning the championship, Martinez has defended the championship almost 20 times during the course of her reign. Martinez has defended the belt against a “who’s who” of the womens wrestling world against the likes of Angel Orsini, Portia Perez, Nikki Roxx, Bombshell Bo, Brittney Savage, Hailey Hatred and countless others. However, on 12/12, Martinez puts the championship on the line against the one person who has ever made Martinez look totally vulnerable and destroyed – RAIN.

The Martinez/Rain story started on January 10th, 2009 and almost a year later, these two will finally hook up one-on-one for the World Championship.

On 1/10/09, during Orsini’s reign, Orsini brought in Rain as an insurance policy. Rain would dazzle the WSU crowd by defeating Rachel Summerlyn in consecutive matches. However, Rain would make her prescence felt during the Orsini/Martinez STEEL CAGE match on 1/10. Rain would interfere in that match, slamming a steel cage door in Martinez’s face, helping Orsini retain the title. We would find out that as part of their deal, by helping Orsini, Rain would get an immediate title shot for her services.

However, the Orsini/Rain pact would not last long, as on 3/7/09 Martinez defeated Orsini in a BULLROPE match to retain the championship. Prior to the match, special referee, 2-time WSU World Womens Champion, Alicia, banned Rain from ringside. Martinez, after chasing the championship for a year, finally got her due and became the new WSU World Champion, leaving Rain in the past.

On 4/10/09, Rain & Orsini fought to the finals of the WSU Womens J-Cup Tournament. The winner of that tournament would get a shot at the WSU Womens Championship. Orsini would defeat Rain in the finals of that tournament. The WSU Championship committee determined that Orsini had two title rematches coming to her, due to her automatic championship rematch clause and for winning the tournament. However, Rain would throw a wrench into those plans. Rain said that due to her pact with Orsini, Orsini owed her one of her rematches. A huge triple threat match between Rain/Martinez/Orsini was then announced for the 4/11 King & Queen of the Ring Tournament show.

On 4/11, despite being double-teamed by Orsini & Rain, Martinez would be able to pin Rain in the match to retain the championship. It was a loss that ate Rain up for almost 8 months, as Rain wasn’t able to get a championship match since then.

On 6/6/09, Martinez & Orsini fought in the longest womens wrestling match of all time, as Martinez defeated Orsini at the 70 minute mark of an IronWoman match. As part of a pre-match stipulation, Orsini could never get a title shot again while Martinez was champion. Frustrated and perhaps emotionally vulnerable, Rain came to Orsini with an offer – help me win the championship and I’ll give you the first crack at it. While Orsini seemed to be becoming more of a fan favorite as a result of the awesome battle she had in the IronWoman match, Orsini could not let her eyes get off the prize and agreed to Rain’s deal.

Rain put her plan into attack during the Summer of 2009, sending Orsini on the road at NWS shows to stifle Martinez. However, time and time again, Martinez was able to have her hand raised high at the end of the night. Rain also made it clear she wanted the tag team titles, and Orsini was booked into matches by Rain at NWS shows in various matches against the then-WSU tag champs, Brooke Carter & Alicia. Orsini became Rain’s slave. A great warrior and the standard bearer of womens wrestling became the indentured servant of Rain, something that surely could not sit well with the former champion.

On 8/22, all things came to a head and the structure of WSU was forever changed.

After not listening to Rain and pummeling Alicia & Brooke Carter with steel chairs, Orsini found herself disqualified in a tag team title match with the tag team champions when Rain decided to grab the chair and blast Carter herself. Rain was caught with the chair and the team was DQ’d. Rain flipped out on Orsini and verbally berated her. Orsini just took it, to the shock of fans. On the same card, Martinez defeated Nikki Roxx in a classic 35 minute battle. After that match, Rain

ordered Orsini to attack Martinez/Roxx. However Roxx/Martinez fought off both Orsini & Rain, setting up a future main event.

On the “As The World Turns” DVD taping, also on 8/22, an epic tag team match was booked between Orsini & Rain vs Martinez & Roxx. This was another great match as fans expected. However Roxx accidentally, or what we thought was an accident, hit Martinez. This set up Rain hitting her Raindrop DDT, a move NO ONE has ever been able to kick out of, on Martinez. Martinez suffered her first pinfall loss as champion, albeit in a tag team match.

However, the night wasn’t over for Martinez. Rain launched her master plan and we saw Nikki Roxx lay out Martinez with her Barbie Crusher. Nikki Roxx accepted Rain’s money. Roxx would later reveal that since she lost to Martinez, she was at the bottom of the championship contender rankings and Rain gave her an offer she could not refuse.

With three of the best in womens wrestling aligned, it looked like Martinez had no where to go but down. Except Orsini wasn’t willing to play that game.

Rain wanted Orsini to put the final nail in the coffin. Rain handed Orsini a chair and ordered Orsini to destroy Martinez. Orsini looked at it but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Here was a woman Orsini considered her best friend for so many years. The woman who brought Orsini to WSU. The woman who helped debut one of the greatest women tag team duos of all time when they teamed up in WSU on 9/22/07 in their debut for WSU. The woman who helped resurrect Orsini’s career with excellent matches for the prior year. Could Orsini take this cheap shot against the woman who not only was her former student, but a student who would later in Orsini’s career help make Orsini become a focus in the womens wrestling world in 2009?

Orsini decided no she could not do it and BLASTED RAIN with the chair. Orsini could no longer work for Rain or be Rain’s slave anymore. Orsini cleared house and the sides were drawn, Orsini & Martinez on one side, Rain & Roxx on another. With Orsini aligned with Martinez, it was like the culmination of the last two years in the middle of the ring.

Orsini would give us a heartfelt speech about why she could no longer work for Rain. Orsini said the WSU Womens Championship is the most important championship in womens wrestling today and she would no longer want to see it treated like a prop. Orsini stated that she would no longer interfere with Martinez’s reign and wanted to see Martinez carry WSU to new heights. Rain’s plan was foiled, at least for the time being.

On 10/3/09 at “EXCELLENCE” Rain was able to defeat Orsini in a violent and barbaric UNCENSORED match, which even saw the girls square off in a bar room brawl. However, for the first time ever in WSU, we saw Rain defeat a high-class opponent with no tricks or theivery. Rain was the better woman that night and made her statement by defeating Orsini cleanly. On the same card, Martinez would defeat Portia Perez to retain the championship. Rain would find new henchwoman that night, and hired Havok & Hatred to take out Martinez/Perez after the match. However, Orsini made the save and several matches were set up for the next DVD, “RAINING MISERY”.

At Raining Misery, Rain defeated Portia Perez to solidify herself as number one contender to the WSU World Championship. On the other half of this double- main event saw Martinez/Orsini wrestle Havok/Hatred for the WSU Tag Team Championships. When the match looked like we’d have new champs, Rain repaid a favor to her henchwomen and pulled the ref out of the ring. This then turned into a 3 vs 2 beatdown, until Portia Perez ran out to help.

Eventually this all degenerated into monsterous brawl, leaving only Rain & Martinez in the ring. In a heinous and despicable act, Rain decimated Martinez. Rain brutalized Martinez with chair shot after chair shot. Rain grabbed the WSU World Championship to prove to the world that it was hers, and it was only a matter of time before that became official. NEVER have we seen Martinez laid out like the way Rain laid her out. Martinez, who was battling injuries before this, is still suffering from shoudler, elbow, knee, back and neck injuries. Martinez’s doctors have advised Martinez to get minor surgery and sit out for 6 months. However, that is something “The Latina Sensation” will not do. Her pride and will means more to her than doctors orders.

It will be Martinez vs Rain on 12/12 in an anything-goes UNCENSORED Rules match. This first time ever match in WSU will take place with the biggest prize at stake- the WSU World Womens Championship. We will find out if the RAIN ERA has truly begun as WSU heads for 2010 or if Martinez can bring the championship with her into the new year.

BREAKING NEWS: As this press release was being written up, Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini defeated Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred for the WSU Tag Team Titles on 11/7 at an ACE Pro Wrestling show. Not only will Martinez have the stress of defending her World championship, she is now responsible for the tag championships. Martinez has everything Rain wants – the success, the gold, and known as the best. We surely will see who is the best in WSU on 12/12 when this epic World Title match takes place.

If Rain/Martinez wasn’t enough for you, we still have at least 5 other matches taking place on 12/12. Perhaps the biggest of those matches is when former WSU World Champion Angel Orsini takes on former WWE Womens Champion, Jazz! These two careers have been parallel as well as perpendicular to each other (our last trigonometry reference this press release) since the late 1990’s. It all intersects (sorry, last trig reference, we swear) on 12/12/09!

Jazz is a welcome addition to the WSU roster. Like Orsini, Jazz made her name known in the original ECW. From there, while Orsini traveled abroad and dabbled into MMA, Jazz went to the WWE, where she won the WWE Womens Championship on several occasions. While Orsini was out of the limelight, Jazz had all the lights on her.

Things have changed in 2009. orsini is coming off of one of the best championship reigns in womens wrestling history. Jazz has now been out of the limelight, but looks to return to the grand stage when she takes on Angel Orsini.

Orsini & Jazz are no strangers to each other, having several battles in Philly earlier this decade. But now both women are better and more experienced and look to present a true classic on 12/12.

In fact, this match was Orsini’s idea. Orsini, asking for the very best in WSU since she can no longer get a title shot, asked WSU to acquire the services of Jazz. Jazz and WSU are a great match, as one of the greats in womens wrestling finally comes to the strongest womens wrestling promotion in America today.

There is no hatred to speak of between these two, as these two are wrestling out of pride and to test each other to see who’s the very best.

Will Jazz still have “it” and show that she is not here for just one show and here to prove that she belongs in WSU for the long-haul by defeating Orsini? Or will Orsini prove that she’s still the same championship-caliber wrestler she’s been since day one? This will be an electric battle between these extreme stars and a match that could build WSU’s foundation as we enter 2010.


In a match we’ve actually seen before in WSU, Rogers & Roxx, staples from WSU’s 2007 days, will lock up one more time in 2009. These two have had excellent matches with each other in the past. In fact, when Roxx, the former WSU World Champion, was in possession of the championship, she made her first defense against Rogers. These two are no strangers to each other.

This match will determine future championship matches. Roxx is coming off two failed attempts against Martinez. Rogers is in the middle of a comeback, as Rogers missed alot of time in 2008-2009 due to injuries and a car accident. These two stars who have fought for the WSU Championship before are looking to get back into the mix and earn their right to become WSU World Champion.

However, this match will be different than their previous battles, as Roxx seems to have an alliance with Rain and will do anything to win. This match might not be about respect, it will be about getting the job done. Will Roxx be able to get back onto the winning track or will Rogers get back onto the championship road? This will be a match not to be missed.

In a first time ever match in WSU, the Undefeated 4-0 Amber O’Neal will take on WSU newcomer Sumie Sakai. Sumie is no stranger to wrestling, having made her presence felt in the northeast area years before. However, this Japanese import returned to Japan then moved to Georgia to pursue an MMA career. However wrestling has always been Sumie’s first love, and Sumie looks to get into the swing of things by dealing Amber O’Neal her first loss in WSU.

Amber O’Neal, the vibrant personality who has made no whims about how she wrestles her matches, employing mind games and trickery, has picked up wins over Annie Social, Cindy Rogers, Sassy Stephanie & 2009 WSU Hall of Famer Malia Hosaka. Each time, Amber has been able to catch her opponent with her roll over backslide. No one has been able to kick out of this innovative manuever. Amber is already making grumblings about wanting a WSU World title shot and if she could defeat a world reknowned star like Sumie Sakai, Amber might deserve just that.

Sumie Sakai has made it known that she wants part of WSU as we enter 2010. A win here would ensure her a spot on the full-time roster, but the gritty “Dirty South” style of Amber O’Neal stands in her way. This is another match that should have future championship implications.

In a match that features two former Spirit Champions, a two-time WSU World Champion and the current WSU Spirit Champion, this match will certainly be hard fought and personal. This match features one of WSU’s hottest & longest rivalries with WSU newest and perhaps most personal rivalry. This is also a match that will surely determine matches for the 3rd Anniversary show.

Jana & Latasha, formerly known as The Soul Sisters, officially broke up on 1/10/09 when Jana attacked a who she thought was pregnant Latasha. It was revealed later that night that Latasha wasn’t pregnant, but the fact that Jana would attack someone that she thought was pregnant was digusting, vile and one of the worst things we’ve ever seen in WSU.

Since then, these two have been battling up and down the east coast for almost a year. On 8/14, Latasha was able to defeat Jana in a tournament final to become the first ever WSU Spirit Champion. Latasha would then defend the championship against Jana on 8/22 in a wild brawl.

Later on that day, to show Jana she was playing the mind cames and now in control of this feud, Latasha distracted Jana during her match with Jennifer Cruz. The result? Cruz pinned Jana to earn her first win in WSU. Jana snapped in the ring, but wouldn’t take Latasha trying to get the upper-hand laying down.

After Latasha defeated Amber on 8/22 Jana snapped again and beat up Latasha in the locker room. We would find out later on that Jana couldn’t take losing, and put a plan into attack. This was phase one, as she weakened the Spirit Champion.

On 10/3, Jana avenged a loss to Jennifer Cruz. Jana injured Cruz after the match, by not letting go of her Jana-Vice, a submission hold yet to be broken in WSU. Latasha would go on to face Lea Morrison. During the match, Jana attacked Lea, giving Latasha a DQ victory, a win that she didn’t want that way. However, Jana riled up Lea for messing with her WSU Spirit Championship match and knowing Latasha was a crowd pleaser, goaded Morrison & Latasha to agree to a triple threat match for the WSU Spirit Championship at the next DVD taping. Phase two was executed.

During the triple threat match for the WSU Spirit Championship, Jana allowed Lea/Latasha to argue about who would try to beat Jana. It was a plan Jana knew would work, although Jana would have to take a beating or perhaps, “rope-a-dope” her way into victory. When Lea had Latasha on the outside, Jana’s true viciousness and mean spirit came through as she purposely injured Lea Morrison, giving Morrison a concussion. With Latasha on the outside, Jana pinned Morrison and under the triple threat rules, became new champion, despite Latasha not being factored into the decision.

However, Jana’s reign would be short-lived. One week later, in the first ever EMPTY ARENA match in womens wrestling history, Latasha defeated Jana by choking her out with a cord. This match will be released on an upcoming DVD. Latasha won back the championship. However, she wouldn’t hold it for long. In a match originally billed as Latasha vs Becky Bayless, Brittney Savage came in and just like Jana a week ago, goaded Latasha into putting her championship on the line in a triple threat match.

Latasha would be screwed out of her title for the second time in two weeks, as Savage would bash Becky Bayless over the head with the championship and pick up the win. Again, Latasha lost her championship in a match where she wasn’t even beat! Savage became the new WSU Spirit Champion, a prize she sought out for the second she turned on Alicia.

Alicia is no stranger to WSU. The former 2-time WSU World Champion would take a break from wrestling, starting after her last match on 12/22/07 when she lost the WSU Championship to Sunny, after her plan with Becky Bayless was foiled. Where would WSU go without its rock? Since WSU’s inception, Alicia was the flag bearer and the workhorse of the company. She was the one that put WSU on the map and she helped mold WSU into the company it is today.

Despite losing Alicia, WSU moved on and new great talents emerged. WSU actually became a bigger company and more known, but it would’ve never happened with Alicia’s contributions from the beginning. Alicia opened the doors for womens wrestling to be successful in this area. It is through the likes of Alicia that WSU was able to exist and showcase a rookie tag team, Miss April & Brooke Carter.

Miss April & Brooke Carter would stun the womens wrestling world when they defeated the Beatdown Betties on 2/7/09 to win the WSU Tag Team Championships. Carter/April would take on all comers, but their reign would be short-lived, when Miss April became the first home-grown WSU star to make it to the WWE. With her career and future ahead of her, Miss April moved on to the WWE, leaving Carter without a partner. With an upcoming defense against Havok/Hatred on 6/6/09, what would Carter do?

Carter would announce a mystery partner for 6/6, but Carter, leading up to the match, made it clear that she didn’t know if this person would even show up. When Carter stood in the ring to take on Havok/Hatred, her partner was no where to be found. Carter would be doing this solo.

During the middle of the match, the lights would go out and when they appeared back on, Alicia was waiting on the apron. After almost two years away from the game, ALICIA was ready for in-ring action. Alicia would later on go on to say she had to consider about coming back but then said “Hey I’m a girl, I’m sorry if I’m late.” Alicia would tag in and run rough-shod, and Alicia & Carter defeated Havok & Hatred to cement themselves as WSU Tag Team Champions.

However, as the summer of 2009 endured, we saw that Carter becoming the perceived weak-link of the team. It was Alicia making the save, Alicia becoming the house of fire and Alicia getting the lions share of fans attention. Carter, arguably WSU’s Rookie of the Year for 2009, felt she was standing in Alicia’s shadow. When Alicia & Carter lost the WSU Tag belts to Havok & Hatred on 8/22, Carter’s jealousy could not be hindered no more.

On 10/3, during a rematch with Havok/Hatred, Carter took the fall again. However, it was part of Carter’s plan.

Straight from the WSUWrestling.com results section, here’s what took place:
During the match, Rick Cataldo, who announced on Missy’s Manor that he had a manager’s contract as well in WSU, came out to scout this match. After Carter was pinned, Rick came into the ring. It was shockingly revealed that Cataldo signed Carter behind Alicia’s back. Cataldo & Carter then attacked Alicia. This is MUST SEE on the DVD release, as this was one of the most despicable acts ever in WSU, although the most despicable act ever in WSU was still yet to come at the end of the night.

Carter then announced she was sick of being called something she wasn’t and being so happy all the time. Carter said her real name is Brittney Savage, something that you can look up online if you don’t believe her, and this is what she’s really like. Brittney Savage said she is sick of playing the role of a good girl and that Brooke Carter was dead. Brittney said she is sick of having to deal with Alicia and somewhat sounded jealous of Alicia’s previous accolades.

Savage then went to curb stomp Alicia, American History X style, until Becky Bayless ran out to help Alicia. After two years, Bayless & Alicia were back in the ring together, for the first time, since December 2007. Bayless & Alicia challenged Cataldo/Savage to a match on the next event.

With Alicia/Becky on the same side again, they turned back the challenge of Cataldo/Savage. However since then, Savage went on to win the WSU Spirit Championship on her own. But this feud isn’t about championships, it’s about respect.

Alicia will look to seek vengeance on the girl who turned her back on her and tried to leave her for dead. For Savage, who seems to be enraged with jealousy and cockiness right now, this is a way to prove to the world that it’s not about Alicia, and that it’s Savage’s time to shine.

This tag team match promises to be pure dynamite as the dynamics between these two teams are at a fiery pitch.


Also booked to appear on this event are:
SO CAL VAL- So Cal Val will assist with the emceeing of the event and will also be helping with WSU’s Fan Interactive experience.

SHELLEY MARTINEZ- This former WWE/TNA star will be at a WSU show for the first time. What Shelley has planned yet is not known, but it will be known on 12/12!

Also appearing are WSU stars Jennifer Cruz, Destiny & Many More! You never know who will show up in WSU next!


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WHAT: Women Superstars Uncensored Returns on December 12th
WHEN: Saturday, December 12th, 2009
WHERE: Flemington’s American Legion Hall
Address: 41 Rt. 31 South, Flemington, NJ
Ticket Information: $18 at the door (If any tickets remain) or $15 in advance
WSU fans looking to order tickets in advance, please contact BULLSMC@aol.com for complete information on a special discount
***This venue is a guaranteed sell-out. Make sure to order your tickets in advance!***
Website Info: WSUWrestling.com
Contact Info: BULLSMC@aol.com or Call 732 888 1704

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