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Ring of Honor Wrestling’s “King of Old School” and “Mr. Wrestling 3” Steve Corino joined Kayfabe Wrestling Radio Tuesday Night. In a nearly 30 minute interview, he discussed all things baseball including Bryce Harper, Mike Trout and the Phillies Fire Sale, the Baseball Hall of Fame, his “hostile takeover” in Ring of Honor with Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Steen, his issues with Jim Cornette, what kind of steel cage he prefers (big blue version or the current mesh style), who is on his ‘I Hate your Face’ List, his wrestling school and so much more.

On his “hostile takeover” in Ring of Honor- “Well, that’s the problem; Cornette’s the problem. Like everybody talks about, what me and Jimmy (sic) did with Kevin. I’ve always wanted to be me; I’ve spent years just being me, but after 2010 and the feud with (El) Generico and Steen, there wasn’t a spot for Steve Corino. Kevin was gone, Jim Cornette didn’t want me; and he said ‘If you want to be part of this company, you’re gonna have to do certain things. And that mean kissing babies, and kissing rear ends.’ And I did, and I tried, and I was unsuccessful. Steve Corino as a babyface does not work; it does not draw a dime, it doesn’t do anything. But I did it, because I needed the job. And then, when the sale went through and Cary (Silkin) no longer owned the company; you know what, Steve Corino wasn’t in the ring anymore. Steve Corino was doing DVD sales and kissing babies and watching Kevin Steen become the world champion. And I’m watch Jimmy Jacobs start to fall of the wagon. It was only a matter of time before the clarity took place; you know what, when Kevin Steen won the world championship, my eyes opened. I sat there and listened to our home country crowd, you know, chanting his name, crapping of Davey Richards. It was like an awakening and that’s what brought us to here.”

His views on Jim Cornette and his position in Ring of Honor- “Cornette doesn’t understand that he is a fossil; this is a young man’s game. At 39, I’m just hanging on but I have a whole new lease on life. Not only am I 39, but I feel like I’m 29 again. I’ve gotten into the shape. He (Cornette) used to tell me, ‘Let’s face it Steve Corino, you ain’t the Steve Corino you were in 2000.’ You know what Jim, it’s 2012 and I’m even better and this Saturday night in Providence, me and Jimmy Jacobs are not only going to show not only the world, but we’re going to show the universe. Get it on iPPV, they’re finally getting that stuff pretty much fixed up, and if not, watch the replay because you’re going to see us against the Brisco Brothers, the 7-time World Tag Team Champions and it’s just going to be a prelude…This could be a prelude to the finals of the ROH Tag Team Tournament.”

On if he prefers the old “big blue” cage or the mesh cage- “Oh, I wasn’t cool enough to be in ‘big blue’, I’ve only been in the mesh… yeah, I would have loved to be in it (big blue), I would have made tons of money in that! If I see the big blue cage, I know I’m making money that night. And I also know that I’d be in the wrong company.”

On his wrestling school in Blandon, PA and what to expect- It’s hard training. It’s two days a week. We train not only in the ring, but we train the body, and mind and positive thinking. Also, we train the history of professional wrestling, because you need to know your history. It’s a good program; classes are 12-weeks long, and we’ll get you on some shows and we’ll get you the right instruction to be a professional wrestler, not like someone playing the part of a professional wrestler. There as so many aspects of wrestling, not just in the ring, but the psychology of professional wrestling, how to manage your career, how to shoot promos, how to wear your gear, how to get to a building; you can’t rely on the old ‘I’m waiting on the promoter to send me directions’, how to get out there, how to do a resume. So we teach a lot of different things… It’s not easy and it’s not an easy business. It’s a crazy business but we’re going to try and teach you the right ways and get your prepared.”
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