Ring of Honor wrestler Rhett Titus made an appearance on “Top Rope Radio” where he discussed his tag team partner Kenny King leaving the promotion and what he would have done in the same position.

“I started my career in Ring of Honor, I trained there, I came up through Ring of Honor and I made my name through Ring of Honor. If I was ever presented with that opportunity, I would never want to leave ROH that way. No offense to Kenny or whatever happened there, but I’d want the proper sendoff. I wouldn’t want to burn my bridge going out and ROH has done a lot for me and I’ve done a lot for ROH as well. I would just like to go out on a high note instead of a low note and a big press release being written and everybody questioning me. It sucks for Kenny that he had to leave the way he did and he didn’t have the proper sendoff that all your other ROH stars that have moved on have gotten.”