Indy News Update #2 for August 22, 2012
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in.

PRIME: Rhino & Jason Bane Destroy the Ring at Wrestlelution 5

During their live internet-PPV collision on August 19, the war between “Man Beast” Rhino and “Most Dominant Man” Jason Bane was so intense, so physical, and fought with so much force, that the ring itself was not enough to contain these two men… literally.

Watch a small example of the chaos and destruction here –

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Full card…

PRIME Championship: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Johnny Gargano
Rhino vs. Jason Bane
“M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross vs. Petey Williams
Zach Gowen w/N8 Mattson vs. Gregory Iron
TV Title Casket Match: Michael Facade vs. Gory
No DQ Match: Krimson w/Jayme Mason vs. Matt Mason
Hair vs. Hair Match: Bobby Shields vs. Bobby Beverly
Marion Fontaine vs. Aaron Draven (Justin LaBar & Aaron Maguire presiding at ringside)
Matthew Justice vs. Kirst
Louis Lyndon vs. Benjamin Boone w/N8 Mattson
Bryan Castle w/BatDan Arkham vs. Brian Bender

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