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Tennessee Xtreme Wrestling
Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 – 8 PM
Boys & Girls Club Of Powell in Knoxville, Tennessee

Dave Pillman vs. Octavius Black for the Heavyweight Championship
The Money $hot Mafia vs. Street Dreams for the Tag Team Championship
Chase Owens vs. Bobby Blassie
Billy Marshall vs. Menace
Aaron Cross vs. The Tsunami Kid
Mike Powers & Bobby Messer vs. The Indian Outlaws

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Border City Wrestling from Oct. 20 in Windsor, ONT before a full house of 800 fans:

Petey Williams b Jimmy Jacobs

Bry Sullivan & Allysin Kaye b Caleb Stills & Chrissy Reid

Krimson b Highlander Robbie McAllister

Kevin Nash & Cody Deaner b Jon Bolen & Johnny Swinger

Aiden Prince over Andrew Davis and Josh Alexander

Larry Destiny & Bobby Clancy & Jaime D b Mike Legacy & Pat Ryan & John E. Bravo

Shawn Spears & Michael Elgin (managed by Truth Martni) b Carlito & Abe Jackson

Phil Atlas b Tyson Dux in a cage match

Next show is 2/8 at the Caboto Club in Windsor headlined by Jerry Lynn’s final match in Canada


Niagara Pro Wrestling Presents…
Wrestling With ALS 3
October 20th, 2012

Derek Platinum pinned Troy Buchanan

Rhys Greenaway pinned Ethan Page

Mr. Saki came out and declared he was the next Niagara Pro Wrestling Champion and would prove it by issuing an open challenge. Which led to…

Moondog Buddy pinned Mr. Saki

Steve Brown (w/Nicky Martin) pinned Chunky Fresh

Ben won the Entertainment Overload Gamecard On A Pole Match
-The match was scheduled to be D-Man versus Buck Gunderson, but D-Man was unable to attend. Gunderson then berated the stage hand placing the card on the pole, who was in fact aspiring wrestler, Shane Sabre. Sabre ultimately accepted the challenge and held his own very well. However, Gunderson then taped Sabre to the rope and proceeded to climb for the card, but couldn’t due to an injured knee. Gunderson attempted to make use of a fan to boost him up, but the fan pushed Gunderson into Sabre who superkicked him. The fan then grabbed a child from the crowd and boosted him to get the card. Ring Announcer Chris Gullo announced Sabre the winner, but referee Jesse Bieber instead awarded the prize to the kid, Ben, due to the fact was him who actually pulled it down.

Rex Atkins pinned Matt Milan

Rip Impact pinned Robbie Reckless


Already announced for this show:
“The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander vs. “The Ariel Assassin” Christopher Bishop,

(ROH Superstar) Jimmy Jacobs vs. Brent B,

ALL EGO Ethan Page VS Michael Elgin


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