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CHIKARA’s making one last swing through the midwestern U.S. in November, and Cleveland, OH is our final stop! All of your favorite CHIKARA stars and some very special guest stars will take part in “A Piece of the Action.” And don’t forget – all kids 12 and under are admitted free with a paying adult at all CHIKARA shows! Here’s what we have in store for you so far:

1) An Awe-Inspiring Atomico!
-El Generico makes his return to a CHIKARA ring when he joins the recently-formed trio of 3.0 (Shane Matthews and Scott “Jagged” Parker) and Gran Akuma to take on the current Campeoneos de Parejas The Young Bucks and the team of The Bravado Bros. (Harlem Bravado and Lancelot Bravado).

2) For The Young Lions Cup!
-Two rookies face off for the first time in Cleveland! “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti will defend his YLC title for a second time against the intergalatic luchadora, Saturyne. Which one of these rising talents will leave Ohio holding CHIKARA’s most time-honored prize?

3) Unfinished Business!
-The Shard barely escaped the wrath of Mike Quackenbush at “The Zodiac Crimes.” Quack teams up with partner and protege Jigsaw to take care of some unfinished business as they face The Shard and his GEKIDO partner deviANT.

4) One on One!
-Tim Donst believes that CHIKARA’s Grand Championship is in his destiny. Former #1 Contender Dasher Hatfield stands in Donst’s way from realizing his destiny. At “A Piece of the Action,” the Old Timey King of Swing looks to do a little batting practice on the round dome of Donst!

5) F.I.S.T. on F.I.S.T. Action!
– CHIKARA’s Director of Fun, Wink Vavasseur, has booked F.I.S.T. (Sugar Dunkerton and Icarus) vs. F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano) at “A Piece of the Action.” Taylor and Gargano need to gain precious points if they want to become the first three-time holders of the Campeonatos de Parejas. Does wrestling’s most dangerous trio – now a quartet – have the stamina to withstand this move from Vavasseur, or will they implode? sent this in.

This WWNLive Alerts is packed with news on Sami Callihan and his dark match in WWE last night, the highly anticipated EVOLVE Title announcement, more matches for the DGUSA tripleshot in just 1 1/12 weeks including a new Dragon Gate talent debut, another DVD release, a new Weekly Special, a Deal Of The Day and more. We appreciate you taking the time to read the Alerts so let’s get to it….

It’s official. EVOLVE will have its own title! Here’s a special video with the first details on the tournament and more:

Sami Callihan wrestled a dark match at last night’s WWE Smackdown tapings in Providence, RI. His future is undetermined right now. He recently signed a two year contract extension with DGUSA/EVOLVE, but his contract allows him to opt out if WWE offers him a deal. This further proves that DGUSA/EVOLVE is where today’s new stars are. We can confirm 100% that Callihan will wrestle in his scheduled matches on the DGUSA tripleshot. In fact, this is the toughest weekend of matches in Sami’s DGUSA/EVOLVE career. Just look at this:

Nov. 2nd – Everett, MA – Sami Callihan vs. Samuray Del Sol
Nov. 3rd – Voorhees, NJ – 2/3 Falls: Sami Callihan vs. El Generico
Nov. 4th – Long Island, NY – Sami Callihan vs. CIMA

There are many things up in the air with Sami Callihan now. Is this the start of the next chapter of his DGUSA/EVOLVE career or is it his last hurrah? No one knows now, even Callihan. Either way, this series of matches promises to be unique and special. Be there and experience it.

The EVOLVE 11: Finlay vs. Callihan DVD is now in stock at the Store or by calling 267-519-9744. This is a must for all Sami Callihan fans as it has two of the classic Callihan vs. Fit Finlay match. You’ll see their bout at EVOLVE in Toronto that night and as a bonus their match at WXW in Germany. This DVD also has great matches like Low Ki vs. El Generico, Johnny Gargano vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Samuray Del Sol and more including several bouts with new talent.

Check out this match listing:
-Fit Finlay vs. Sami Callihan
-El Generico vs. Low Ki
-Caleb Konley vs. Adam Page
-Johnny Gargano vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Samuray Del Sol
-Alex Reynolds vs. John Silver
-Mike Rollins vs. Ashley Sixx
-Josh Alexander vs. MK McKinnan
-The Super Smash Brothers vs. The Gentleman’s Club
Bonus Material:
-Fit Finlay vs. Sami Callihan from WXW
-Alternative Angle Highlight Reel

We are excited to announce that EITA will debut in Dragon Gate USA on Nov. 2nd-4th. EITA is one of the fastest rising stars in Japan for Dragon Gate. He is said to be the top prospect for the new generation in Dragon Gate to follow in the footsteps of YAMATO, BxB Hulk and Akira Tozawa. We can confirm two of EITA’s matches now. They are:

Nov. 2nd – Everett, MA – Non-Title: EITA vs. DGUSA Champion Johnny Gargano

Nov. 4th – Long Island, NY – EITA vs. Jon Davis

ATTN: WRESTLERS- Step into the ring with head trainers Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi at the DGUSA Seminar/Tryout on November 4th. Click here for info. This is your chance to learn the Dragon Gate system, improve your resume and possibly get booked.

There is a new Weekly Special. Use the code “Sami Callihan” to get 20% off everything in the Gear section of the Store. Simply put “Sami Callihan” in the special instructions when you check out and you will get a refund shortly after you order. This includes Callihan’s D.U.F. shirts plus all DGUSA & EVOLVE premium shirts and even authentic Dragon Gate shirts from Japan. If you can’t find where to enter the code just email us at and we’ll make sure you get 20% back. This offer expires on October 31st.

Thank you for reading the Alerts. To show our appreciation we have an additional Deal Of The Day for you. DGUSA Untouchable 2012 iPPV at On Demand is 33% off and just $9.99 until Thursday (Oct. 25th) morning. Order now and get unlimited access to watch as many times as you want to see Johnny Gargano vs. Akira Tozawa for the DGUSA Title and the El Generico & Samuray Del Sol vs. CIMA & AR Fox match of the year candidate. We’ll close with the current lineups for DGUSA next weekend:

November 2nd – Everett, MA – Fearless 2012 – Live iPPV At

Respect Match
AR Fox vs. Ricochet

Winner Gets DGUSA Tag Title Shot On Nov. 3rd
Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito vs. The Super Smash Brothers

Six Man Tag Team Match – Captain’s Match?
Rich Swann, CIMA & ACH vs. Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & Drew Gulak

Special Challenge Match
Akira Tozawa vs. Jon Davis

Special Attraction Match
Sami Callihan vs. Samuray Del Sol

Non-Title Match
Johnny Gargano vs. EITA

November 3rd – Voorhees, NJ – Uprising 2012 – Live iPPV At

Open The United Gate Title Match
CIMA & AR Fox defend vs. Horiguchi & Saito/Super Smash Brothers Nov. 2nd Winner

Bonus Tag Team Main Event
Ricochet & Rich Swann vs. Horiguchi & Saito/Super Smash Brothers Nov. 2nd Loser

2/3 Falls Match
El Generico vs. Sami Callihan

Special Challenge Match
Akira Tozawa vs. Samuray Del Sol

Tag Team Challenge Match
Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez vs. Jigsaw & Fire Ant

Bonus Match For Live Crowd – Belltime 7:30pm
ACH vs. Soldier Ant

November 4th – Long Island, NY – Freedom Fight 2012 – Live iPPV At

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match – Four Way Elimination
Johnny Gargano vs. Akira Tozawa vs. AR Fox vs. Ricochet

Tag Team Bonus Main Event
Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito vs. El Generico & Samuray Del Sol

First Time Ever Match
CIMA vs. Sami Callihan

Tag Team Challenge Match
Jigsaw & Fire Ant vs. The Super Smash Brothers

Special Attraction Match
Arik Cannon vs. ACH

Special Challenge Match
Jon Davis vs. EITA

Clip of the Midwest Militia vs. Annie Social/Kimber Lee match from WSU’s “Full Steam Ahead”