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Adam Pearce discusses the NWA World Championship Situation, Colt Cabana, His Pending Retirement and More

Adam Pearce joined The Greg DeMarco Show, presented by the VOC Nation Radio Network, streaming live at, in anticipation of the final match in his series with Colt Cabana. An archive of show can be heard here:

On his physical condition: “I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since high school…I’m very blessed to have the injury I had to my neck, have the verve damage, and then have zero recurrence [of the injury]”

On if the new NWA Ownership has changed the seven match series with Colt Cabana: “Overall very minor [changes]…the seventh and final stage will now be unsanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance…the championship will not be on the line…things have gone on as planned and [the National Wrestling Alliance] have left well enough alone.”

On the final match being inside of a steel cage: “One of the things that I’ve really loved and appreciated about the series is the fact that it harkens back to those old blood-feuds of yesteryear. If you want finality—if you want to settle a score and put an explanation point at the end of a pretty turbulent and violent sentence, there’s only really one way to do that and it’s within the friendly confines of a steel cage.

On Colt Cabana being his final feud: it’s brought me full circle, knowing Cabana the way that I have for more than 15 years or so, it’s very near and dear to my heart to perform with him and in something like this…I think in a lot of ways he’s the perfect opponent for me. “

Per the stipulation of the series, if you lose the final match will you leave the NWA: “Absolutely, 100%. I wasn’t in favor of the unsanctioning of the match…I’m not a fan of that, it takes away a certain aspect that’s been a wildcard of the series—the possibility of changing the championship. … I’m a man of my word in that regard and I wouldn’t have acknowledged and put that stipulation in the fold if it weren’t a distinct possibility. … I will abide by what I said.

On when he’ll retire: “A hell of a lot sooner than later. … I’ve got bookings through November. I’ve got things moving and other irons in the fire that frankly I wish I was at liberty to talk about but I’m not at this point. … They’re very good things and very positive things—things that will keep me very involved in professional wrestling. … It gets very hard to walk away from that…while I can’t envision myself not being involved in professional wrestling in some way shape or form, I don’t think that as an active performer I have much left to give.

Listen in as Adam Pearce also discusses how he thinks his final match will go, the type of celebration he prefers at the end of his in-ring career, his recent movie role and more. You can access the archive of the program here:

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