Femme Fatales X: Part 1

1. Sweet Cherrie defeated Cherry Bomb

2. Sassy Stephie defeated Mary Lee Rose

3. She Nay Nay & Desiree defeated Missy & Medianne

4. LuFisto defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto

5. SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight defeated Cat Power

6. Ryo Mizunami defeated Leah Von Dutch & Xandra Bale in a Triple Threat Match.

7. Courtney Rush defeated Portia Perez

8. Athena defeated Cheerleader Melissa, X-Cute Sweet & Angie Skye in a Four Way Dance.

9. Mercedes Martinez defeated Pink Flash Kira

10. 3 Stages of Hell Match for the NCW International Title: Kalamity (c) defeated Kellie Skater to retain the title.

  • Skater won the 1st fall under pinfall only rules
  • Kalamity won the 2nd fall under submission only rules
  • Kalamity then won the 3rd and deciding fall under Falls Count Anywhere, No DQ rules

    Femme Fatales X: Part 2

    1. X-Cute Sweet defeated Sassy Stephie

    2. Pink Flash Kira defeated Portia Perez by count-out.

    3. Missy, Leah Von Dutch & Xandra Bale defeated She Nay Nay, Madienne & Desiree in a 6 Woman Tag.

    4. Mary Lee Rose defeated SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight by disqualification.

    5. Sweet Cherrie defeated SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight by disqualification.

    6. Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Cherry Bomb

    7. Kellie Skater defeated Cat Power

    8. Courtney Rush defeated Ryo Mizunami

    9. Cheerleader Melissa defeated Angie Skye

    10. Kalamity defeated Athena to retain the NCW International Title.

    11. Steel Cage Match: Mercedes Martinez defeated LuFisto after a Super Fisherman’s Buster.

    Source: Ringbelles