1st Anniversary Show, “Sad Wings of Destiny”

– Show started with the owners of Resistance Pro, The Barons, along with Billy Corgan & champion Robert Anthony. Corgan said as champion, Anthony could challenge anyone to face him for the title tonight and Anthony called out Jay Bradley.

– Corgan’s brother, Jesse, came in with his accomplice, Chris Hall. Corgan insulted Chris Nowinski, who was in the front row, about his career ending concussion. This led to…

1. Ruff Crossing defeated Chris Hall

2. Darcy Dixon defeated Thunderkitty

– Afterwards, Dixon said she wanted better competition and this brought out AMAZING KONG . This led to….

3. Amazing Kong defeated Darcy Dixon

– Next show was announced for January 18th with Amazing Kong & Matt Hardy appearing on the show.

4. Lock Up (Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic) defeated The P-Dawg Milloniarez, The Rising Sun & Steven Walters & Jocephus to become the 1st Resistance Pro Tag Team Champions.

– Funaki, Resistance Pro #1 Announcer, introduced Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Roberts thanked the fans until he was interrupted by Raven. Then, both were interrupted by Ashton Vuitton & his manager Eric St. Vaughn. The two trash talked Raven & Roberts until Raven & Roberts gave the two stereo DDTs.

5. I-Quit Match for the Resistance Pro Women’s Title: Melanie Cruise defeated Nikki St. John to regain the title.

– Afterwards, Amazing Kong came out and motioned that she wanted the Women’s Title. Kong & Cruise then had to be held back by multiple referees.

– The Almighty Sheik cut a promo, complaining that he didn’t have a match tonight, but we would see him soon.

6. Resistance Pro Title: Robert Anthony (c) defeated Jay Bradley to retain the title.

Source: PWInsider