NHW “5th Anniversary Show”
DeFuniak Springs, Florida (Walton County Fair Grounds)
December 08, 2012

New Heights Wrestling was one of the first local independents I ever went to several years ago, and last night NHW celebrated it’s 5th year in existence (and my first time going since they permanently moved to DeFuniak Springs).

NHW kicked the show off with the first match in the Becki Kennedi Invitational Tag Team Tournament to crown new NHW Tag Team Champions hosted by the gorgeous Becki herself. The first match saw The Arrogant Americans team of Mike Fracen & AJ Strokes against the high flying brother duo of The Sin City Saints (Billy & Scotty Rayz). The Rayz boys didn’t waste any time going to the sky as they hit dual dives on the Arrogant Americans early on. Both teams worked hard and showed off tons of double team moves. Facen’s strength is something to see (at one point he got both Rayz boys up for a Double Samoan Drop) and the Sin City Saints always amaze with their high flying. In the end Cameron Frost (who was at ring side for his boys the Arrogant Americans) distracted the referee allowing Facen & Strokes to hit a Double team Spike DDT as Strokes dove off the top for the win.

After the match Scotty Rayz grabbed the microphone and said he was tired of Frost sticking his nose in the brothers business and since he’s obviously going to do it then they should put Billy in the Pride Title match later on and make it a 3-Way. The commissioner/ring announcer said he couldn’t allow that because the match was already signed but he WOULD make Billy the special referee and ban the Arrogant Americans from ringside!

NHW Heavyweight Champion Paul Jordane then came out and said he didn’t think he should have to defend the Heavyweight Title against Shogun again since he’s already beat him, so when the bell rings tonight he’s just going to walk out and get counted out. The commissioner said in that case he was now making that match No Countout!

In the 2nd bout the monstrous “Scarface” Waylon Barley took on Gutter in singles action. Scarface’s manager Dandy Jack spent the majority of the match interfering and eventually it got the better of the local favorite Gutter after Scarface scored with a Black Hole Slam.

Next up was the 2nd Semifinals Match in the Tag Team Tournament as the high flying duo The Heartbreakers (T-Bird & California Kid) faced off against the goofy Chris Corbin & Chuck Diamond. Before the match Corbin & Diamond said that Heartbreakers were so small that they couldn’t even slam them so the Heartbreakers challenged them to a Body Slam contest. All they had to do was slam Corbin & Diamond (at the same time) once to win and they only got 3 tries. After the 2nd try Cali & T-Bird punched Corbin & Diamond and slammed them to win the contest and start the official match. After the Heartbreakers flew around and Corbin & Diamond had some funny spots the Heartbreakers got the win with a Swanton Bomb from T-Bird.

The following Triple Threat between “The Definition of Technician” Chris Tighe, Cameron Thomas, and Michael Mack (I think that was his name, it was hard to hear over people at that point) was a bit surprising in that it was very lackluster and really didn’t seem to click for some reason after a promising start. Tighe got the win and looked banged up after the match.

After a brief intermission the Finals of the Tag Title Tournament was scheduled to take placed by the Arrogant Americans dragged The Heartbreakers out to the ring and beat them down, even pulling out a ladder. Facen grabbed T-Bird and gave him a VICIOUS Powerbomb onto the ladder (which left some nasty welts on his back) and then Strokes Piledrove Cali onto a ladder. Becki Kennedi got on the microphone and said that since the Arrogant Americans wanted to play with ladders then the Titles would be decided IN a Ladder Match when NHW returns in February as the Heartbreakers will face the Arrogant Americans in a Ladder Match.

Nelsonzier then faced off with Lane Smart in a hard hitting battle of the big men with Nelson getting win after a rollup.

In the Semi-Main Event Scotty Rayz got his shot at the Pride Title and Cameron Frost with Scotty’s brother Billy as Special Referee. Frost & Scotty had a great back and forth match but Billy was certainly not calling things down the middle and when it seemed like Frost had the match won and Billy refused to count things took a turn. Frost Superkicked Billy and then nailed him with the title belt followed by a belt shot to Scotty. Another referee ran out but Scotty kicked out of the pinfall attempt, but the frustration got the better of him as he grabbed the belt and whacked Frost with it causing the DQ.

In the Main Event Paul Jordane successfully defended his NHW Heavyweight Championship against “Shogun” Shane Gibson in controversial fashion. They started the match off with some fast paced back and forth action but quickly things spilled to the outside with a big brawl. Eventually Shogun connected with a Bridging Northern Lights for the pin, but Jordane’s foot appeared to be on the bottom rope. Another referee ran out and informed the first official of what happened and demanded the match be restart. As Shogun was still celebrating with his title Jordan grabbed him and delivered a Fireman’s Carry Sitout Slam to retain his belt.

A disappointed and pissed off Shogun then attacked Jordane and went after his arm with a Fujiwara Armbar to close out the show.

All in all everyone seemed to enjoy the show and all the wrestlers worked hard and put on some fun wrestling. Even my dad (who decided to tag along when I told him what I was going to) enjoyed himself.