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At “Final Battle 2012: Doomsday” (**Replay is Available On Demand**) Matt Hardy, after earning the wrath of the ROH faithful in NYC, defeated World TV Champion Adam Cole in a non-title affair via some very dubious means. Very pleased with himself, Hardy bolted out of the ring and quickly headed to the locker room with a smile on his face, leaving a very visibly angry Adam Cole to watch him flee.

“I’m disappointed.” Cole said to, “Not shocked in the least, just disappointed. I suppose I let myself hope that maybe my words go through to Hardy just a little bit. I hoped that my challenge for him to bring the Old Matt Hardy to Final Battle sunk in and I would get a true fight. Instead I got the supposedly new and improved Hardy as my opponent and he showed his true colors. Matt showed how whoever or whatever he thinks he is now, he’s really just a coward dressed in Hardy clothes. I hope I can repay the favor at some point, I hope that I can give Matt the sort of wake-up call he gave me when he punted my in the balls.”

Well Adam Cole will be happy to know that he, or some other ROH athlete, may have that opportunity very soon because ROH officials have reached an agreement with Matt Hardy on two future dates. On January 5th at the TV Tapings in Baltimore and on January 19th for our live event in Milwaukee, Hardy will indeed be in the house! Will Cole have his shot at revenge on either of those dates? Will it be another ROH combatant who gets an opportunity to knock Hardy down a peg?