Indy News #2 for January 4, 2013

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Women Superstars Uncensored, in conjuction with Beyond Wrestling, has posted 2 full matches from the WSU vs. Beyond show that took place back in October before WSU’s “Full Steam Ahead”. You can view them below:

Jaka vs. Spirit Champion Marti Belle

WSU Tag Champions The Mid-West Miltia (“The AK47” Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephanie) vs. The KOA (Aaron Epic & Sugar Dunkerton)

Earlier today, Women Superstars Uncensored owner Drew Cordeiro posted his “State of WSU Address” via the official WSU Twitter (@WSUWrestling) and the official Facebook (

Here is the complete “State of WSU” address in its entirety:

Thanks for joining us for DC’s “State of WSU” address. We’ll be getting started shortly. Firstly I want to thank everyone who continued to support us throughout 2012 which was admittedly a bit slower than I had originally wanted.

When I took over WSU officially in July I wanted to hold our first live event under new management in August but was advised to wait. As a result we were only able to hold one live event – #FullSteamAhead – in October of 2012, which by all accounts was a creative success. I have received countless messages from longtime fans praising our efforts. We proved it is possible to improve the presentation without taking away from the “spirit” of WSU.

As we look forward to 2013, I am keeping “quality, not quantity” in mind with every decision I make. If it means running less live events in order to make sure that fans are treated to the best WSU experience possible, so be it.

With that said, our next live event – #AnUltraviolentAffair – is about a month away. We’re teaming with @combatzone to bring WSU to the Philly area for the very first time. This is far and away the most requested market for WSU and much easier to get to than Long Island.

Regarding the main event, we will let @J_Hav pick her next challenger rather than letting the fans or management decide. One could make a case that @alexxisnevaeh should get a 1 on 1 shot since she wasn’t pinned at #FullSteamAhead but she didn’t win, either.

Since @allysin_kay & @SassyStephie are being “forced” to defend their tag team titles against @annie_social & @KimberLee90, we will let them pick a stipulation for the rematch. This is only “fair.”

#AnUltraviolentAffair will also feature a Team WSU vs. Team @combatzone six-woman elimination tag team match with participants to be named.

We will let the @nCwFF office handle all of @M_Kalamity’s bookings in WSU since she will be representing them as champion. As a result, negotiations are still ongoing to find an opponent for @nCwFF Champion @M_Kalamity at #AnUltraviolentAffair.

Although @Saturyne pinned Niya clean in the center of the ring to earn a full time spot on the WSU roster, Niya will be granted another UNCENSORED OPPORTUNITY match on 2/9 as result of her being verbally and physically attacked by @JCruz1985 after she was defeated. It’s the least we could do to make up for @JCruz1985’s unprofessional behavior. We’re looking to name a special guest enforcer for this bout.

Speaking of @Saturyne, she has prior commitments to @chikarapro on 2/9 so she will not be appearing at #AnUltraviolentAffair but we look forward to working with @Saturyne at all future WSU events.

Finally, the winner of the @LuFisto/Martinez Falls Count Anywhere match will be named #1 Contender to @J_Hav’s WSU Championship.

#AnUltraviolentAffair and @combatzone’s 14th Anniversary show will both be broadcast worldwide on iPPV at @hetvmessenger. I am personally not 100% sold on the format, but after killing it at #FullSteamAhead more people need to see what WSU is all about.

Fans who purchase tickets to both events will be given an exclusive #AllKiller episode on DVD featuring WSU, @combatzone & @beyondwrestling.

Tickets for both WSU & CZW events at @FLYERSSKATEZONE on 2/9/13 will be on sale at & next week.

Please come out to @combatzone #Ascension next week to see @BonesawJessieB vs. Ezavel Suena in a WSU showcase match. Also, @martibelle will be defending her WSU Spirit Title at @NatProWrestDay on 2/2/13 in Philadelphia. Details:

We are currently exploring all options to bring a WSU live event to the New England area at the end of March. We will also be collaborating with @beyondwrestling in 2013 for the #TournamentForTomorrow & a revamped version of King & Queen tournament. We will continue to partner up with any organizations in 2013 that will provide us with a mutually beneficial relationship.

Regarding – we have had a fully redesigned website done for months but were unable to secure to domain we purchased Which has since expired in the past few weeks. Please keep in mind the deal to take over WSU was done over a very brief period of time and these were some of the risks we had to take in order to ensure that WSU would continue to grow instead of close down.

Thank you again for your continued support as we embark on the next chapter for WSU. If anyone has any questions, now is the time to ask!