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In Steve Corino’s latest Corino Chronicles, The Corino Chronicles XXVI: 16 Year Old Fan or Pro-Wrestler? Maybe Both, Steve talks about the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) Reunion Show he wrestled on Saturday night, October 24th, what the TWA means to him, and what it was like being a fan of the original TWA in 1990, now working on the Reunion Show 17 years later. You can read Steve’s blog in its entirety here:

Our Next Event…

Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA)

2009 Toys for Tots Holiday Show

Saint Matthew’s Baptist Church

Route 322 – Glassboro Road

Williamstown, NJ 08094

(856) 629-4614

Driving Directions:

The scheduled card* is as follows…

– An Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal, with the winner earning a title shot at the NEW TWA Heavyweight Champion, Glen Osbourne, later in the evening

?Beast? Glen Osbourne won the TWA Heavyweight Title at the Oct 24 Reunion Show from ?Nature Boy? Buddy Landel with Matt Rivera after Commissioner Joel Goodhart re-instated Buddy Landel as the TWA Heavyweight Champion. Osbourne earned Landel’s respect, as after the Nature Boy was defeated by Osbourne, he hugged him and raised his hand in victory. After winning a title he did not even know he would be competing for and defeating a wrestling legend like Buddy Landel, the ?Beast? will have all eyes set on him and the title as the entire TWA locker room will be going at it in a Battle Royal, all fighting for a chance at the champion and the opportunity to become the TWA Heavyweight Champion.

– Tag-Team Grudge Match: The Hitmen, Michael Bruno & Tony Stetson, vs. Breaker Morant & Johnny Calzone

Due to an illness, Max Thrasher was unable to make it to the Oct 24 Reunion Show for his six-man tag team match with Jimmy Cicero and Cueball Carmichael against Crybaby Waldo, the Blue Meanie, and Kid America. Also, ?Latin Lover? Rick Perez, schedule to face Don E Allen, was unable to compete due to a back injury. Commissioner Joel Goodhart had to re-arrange the line-up a bit, and put Calzone in the six-man thinking he complimented Cicero and Carmichael, and then put Bruno against Don E Allen. After winding up on the losing end of the six-man, Calzone took offense, and watched Bruno’s match from the arena floor. After Bruno won the match, Calzone berated Bruno, felling that Bruno was avoiding him and had Goodhart change the match for him after weeks of promotion. Calzone then viciously attacked Bruno, when ?Hitman? Tony Stetson, Bruno’s tag-team partner, was alerted and ran in to defend his friend.

Then, in the semi-final match of the evening, ?Hitman? Tony Stetson came out of retirement after 7 years to defeat the man who was responsible for putting him out of the business, Breaker Morant. Just before Stetson could celebrate with his huge crowd of family and friends, Morant attacked Stetson, place his bad leg in a steel chair and jumped onto it off the top rope. Stetson’s family, friends, and fans gasped. As Morant was about to jump on Stetson’s leg for a second time, undoubtedly trying to deliver on his promise to retire Stetson for good this time, Michael Bruno ran in to save his partner from further injury. Within minutes, Johnny Calzone joined the fray trying to get another piece of Bruno, before the Hitmen were able to run the duo off, and challenging them to a tag team match on December 5th at St. Matthew’s Baptist Church in Williamstown, New Jersey.

While Morant and Calzone are dangerous and intent to hurting and injuring the Hitmen, Stetson and Bruno are long time friends and partners, and will no doubt have the fans cheering them on! It promises to be one wild match!

– more to be announced later in the week

*Card subject to change.

We will be collecting new, unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots at the show. Those making a donation will receive raffle tickets for a prize drawing later in the evening.

We will also be conducting a 50/50 for the benefit of St. Matthew’s Church.

Tickets will be available at via PayPal, at the door the night of the event, and at these locations:

Hair by Dezign

123 Egg Harbor Road

Suite 203

Sewell, NJ 08080

(856) 232-9332

Body Max Fitness & Karate

284 Delsea Drive

Sewell, NJ 08080

(856) 589-5126

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