False Count Radio sent this in:

Former MTV/Wrestling Society X Superstar, Jack Evans whom currently is working A.A.A. In Mexico, Was one of our guests on A very Special Live Episode(4/3/2009), of False Count Radio, Hosts: “Pacific Coast Player” JT Evans, “The Juicin” Jobber and “The Albert Einstein of Wrestling” Alex R sat down for a very insightful interview. Below are some of the highlights from this interview Courtesy of: El Pappy Pineda Promotions. Jack Comes in about Six minutes Fifty seconds into the broadcast that can be downloaded by Visiting: http://www.falsecountradio.com

– The Hosts welcome Jack Evans to the broadcast, Jack says it feels good to be back in America.

– Jack says Japan has calm crowds because they want to be entertained,America Has “SMARK” Fans and Mexican fans are the wildest fans and that if you get them going they will throw chairs, Bottles or whatever. He then says he got Tabasco thrown in his eyes while working in Mexico!

– Says there is a legal issue involving the Juventud Guerrera Incident that Recently happened in Mexico.

– Puts Teddy Hart over for coming up with the idea to call themselves “Hart Foundation 2.0”. Jack then says he was a fan of the hart foundation and that he was o.k with the idea.

– Jack says he got his gimmick from Jake Evans a worker from Washington. He then starts talking about how he got involved in Mat Rats a company in Canada.

– Says he hardly speaks to Bryan Alverez, But corrects Alex R and says he was originally trained by “Street Fighter” Tim Flowers who was a rip off promoter, the kind of guy who sits in a chair and tells you what to do in the ring next, so Bryan took over and helped him with training.

– He says he has gets nervous talking on the Mic, He also feels he is working on Psychology because he scratched the basics when training.

– Says he knew Matt Sydal aka Evan Bourne would blow up because he was always dedicated. He says he also speaks to Matt Sydal on a regular basis.

– Listen asks how Jack got into CZW, Jack says he doesn’t remember how he got booked, then says he thinks he was a replacement because Teddy couldn’t make a event. Also says he hardly talks to office figures when working for company’s so he stays out of the politics and gets pushes off his ability, Not because he hangs with someone in the office.

– Says working for Wrestling Society X Was great in some ways and a good idea if presented a different way, By a different guy. He says the director didn’t know what he was talking about because he had never filmed wrestling before which made it Corny. The little things that needed to be changed made it corny, MTV Wouldn’t allow chairshot and such, But you can electrify People and such.

– Jack says Abismo Negro was a good guy, But had a lot of Demons. He also says Triple A Is gonna do a promo package on Abismo Negro, during the package Abismo basically says he knew it was coming. Jack wishes it didn’t happen and it’s another Loss in wrestling!

Other Topics Include:

Being a fan of the hart family, How long he’s known Teddy, Working with dragon gate, Wanting to work WWE, The Ariel Assault Match, Working For Jersey All-Pro, Marcus Riot, Word Association among many other topics!