Eric Bischoff

During yesterday’s Starrcast/ALL IN conference call with the media, Eric Bischoff was asked about how Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks were able to capture the imagination of wrestling fans and put together an event like this in Chicago.

Bischoff had some very positive words for Cody and the Bucks, adding it took guts for them to put up their own money to help finance ALL IN knowing it may not work out.

Bischoff said he has huge admiration for all three men for organizing something like this.

“They made wrestling cool again.”

Jeff Jarrett and Bruce Prichard were also part of the call on Wednesday and addressed next weekend’s combination of the Starrcast convention and ALL IN.

Jarrett noted that next weekend has a very WrestleMania weekend feel to it and how technology has allowed something like this to be “so much bigger.” He added this could be even bigger than WrestleMania weekend with how much talent is involved.

Regarding ALL IN, Prichard said the show selling out in 30 minutes proves that wrestling fans are “hungry for more” and that selling out that quick was a “hell of a statement.” He also added he was always confident Cody Rhodes was capable of something like this. will be part of Podcast Row on Saturday, September 1. Make sure to stop by our booth and say hello and get an opportunity to win a free ticket to ALL IN!