Erran sent this in: Don’t know if you have already published the link but Paul Heyman has his lastest hustle up at The Sun UK webiste: click here. He gives his opinion on the JBL/HBK fued, Jericho’s reinvention of himself, Edge and Randy Orton; praising the heels in the WWE at the moment.

Tony Vela sent this in: Here is a link to the new Shelly Martinez DVD trailer, “Shelly Martinez Exposed”: click here. Also, please check out the all new web site at, which officially launches March 1, 2009.

Michael Moody sent this in: Hollymood Entertainment has just posted 2 new pro wrestling related documentaries that Michael Moody produced very early in his filmmaking career in early 2001. Michael Moody now owns the official copyrights to the productions and has decided to upload these 2 DVDs for free public viewing onto Youtube at the link below.

The first production is The Shooting Range which was shot in 2001 and released in 2004 on DVD and it covers a period of history right after ECW and WCW went out of business and features several famous pro wrestlers including Konnan, Sandman, Vic Grimes, Chris Hamrick and New Jack.

The second production is Backyard Criminals and this production gained a reputation over the years of being one of the best backyard wrestling DVDs of all time because it represented the athleticism, skill and desire involved in this dangerous hobby. The production stars Josh Matthews of WWE and lots of very rare footage from Josh Matthew’s backyard wrestling federation. This production is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

To view the productions for free, go to and subscribe to the channel if you want future updates when more free documentaries and DVDs are uploaded for public viewing.

Michael Moody