ACH announces he is quitting wrestling

Just days after ACH (formally WWE NXT star Jordan Myles) recently returned to Major League Wrestling, he announced on Twitter that he is quitting pro wrestling. 

ACH worked at MLW’s recent Opera Cup event last Thursday night in Queens, NY.

MLW had announced on Twitter and their website that ACH would be returning to the company.  Both announcements have since been removed, and he is no longer being advertised for their show in Dallas on January 11, 2020. 

MLW issued the following statement to PWInsider:

“We respect ACH’s decision and want him to be happy.”

Last month WWE confirmed in an email with Wrestleview that ACH (Albert Hardie Jr., known as Jordan Myles on the NXT roster), was no longer under contract with the company.

ACH had taken to social media in October with a series of posts addressing a t-shirt made for his character that he alleged looked like blackface. Hardie specifically called out Vince McMahon and Triple H in the post, saying their vision of him is a slap in the face to every African American performer.

Hardie then later announced in a profanity-laced video he quit WWE and was shedding his “slave name” of Jordan Myles. Hardie then went on to say that he didn’t want to work for a racist company. He also stated he was taking independent wrestling dates, and that he was scheduled to compete at an upcoming Heavy Metal Wrestling show in San Antonio, Texas.

You can check view Hardie’s Twitter post below: