Poll: Should Spike TV cancel TNA programming?

Matt O’Brien maintains the Wrestleview.com poll every two weeks

In Wrestleview.com’s most recent poll asking if Spike TV should cancel TNA programming, the results are as follows:

Yes 39% (1,914 votes)
No 48% (2,347 votes)
Give TNA a few more months 12% (595 votes)

Total votes: 4,856

To kick things off, the reason this question was asked was because of TNA’s recent failure on Monday nights and recent critical reactions to many recent Impact! episodes. This is no way reflects what the WrestleView staff thinks should happen nor was it meant to be malicious or depressing. Based on comments, some voters were flat out offended that the question was even asked. The question was certainly not meant to elicit that reaction. Every question asked on our poll is put out there because we genuinely care what our readers think about various topics.

The third choice in the poll was for those who understand TNA has gone through some difficult times as of late yet believe it is too early to make the call as to whether or not the company should be cut from Spike TV. Depending if one sees the glass as half full or half empty, the choice can mean two things. First, fans may believe that the company is on life support and deserves a little more time to turn things around before it is put out of its misery. Second, readers see the hard times TNA has gone through and now believe that after a few more months it will be running strong and this topic will be irrelevant. Based on several comments, it seems the latter is most likely.

Many readers who left comments want TNA around because it is an alternative to WWE. Given recent developments regarding Daniel Bryan due to WWE’s PG rating, that feeling is understandable. While many view the PG direction for WWE as a good business move, many fans feel alienated. Gone are the days of WWF vs. WCW with ECW in the background. TNA is nowhere near the status WCW had, nor is ROH near ECW status. The wide range of choices, while still there, just do not feel as accessible as they once did. Sometimes WWE feels like the only show in town.

Aside from a fan’s view of the topic, there is also the business view. Spike TV went ahead and moved one of its most popular shows to a new night to go head-to-head with an established show. During this time they pulled Hulk Hogan back into the ring to garner ratings. The show flopped. Soon Impact! was moved back to Thursdays after an embarrassing run against WWE. Any chance of a Monday Night Wars resurrection never got off the ground. TNA has managed to regain many viewrs since moving back to Thursdays, but one has to wonder what Spike executives were thinking when TNA failed on Mondays. Was it as simple as moving the show back, or is there something deeper under the surface? Will Spike TV remember this don’t the line if Impact! begins to slip again? Time will tell. For now, that appears to be a long shot as TNA launches Xplosion and plans for another big surprise that may or may not involve more exposure on Spike TV.

In the end, many fans who voted believe TNA should remain on TV as 48% voted to keep the show as is. However, the majority of voters believe that there is a problem. 12% voted to take a wait-and-see approach while the remaining 39% thought TNA should be cancelled.

Thanks to all those who participated and make sure to check out our homepage for our latest poll.

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Matt O’Brien