Update on former WCW star Van Hammer DUI case: Pleads guilty, sentenced

Former WCW star Van Hammer DUI case: Pleads guilty, sentenced

According to PWInsider, Former WCW star Van Hammer (real name Mark Hildreth), plead guilty to one count of Driving Under the Influence, causing property damage and injury as part of a plea deal with Florida’s Palm Beach County Court.

The 60-year-old Hildreth is sentenced to one year of probation, a one year suspension of his driver’s license and having an interlock device place on his vehicle for one year as well.

He also plead guilty of leaving the scene of an accident, while a charge of violating the speed zone was dismissed.  

Hildreth was given four days credit towards his one year probation for the four days he was incarcerated.

It was noted in court records that within the term of his probation, Hildreth must attend a victim’s impact session, where he will learn how DUIs have effected the victims. It was also noted the victims in his case have been notified of the plea agreement and will not be seeking restitution according to court records.

Back in January we reported that Hildreth had been arrested and charged with DUI after he allegedly hit a five-year old boy with his car on while driving drunk in Boyton Beach, Florida.

Hildreth, who was driving drunk, hit the five-year old boy, who was riding on a bike with training wheels. Upon being hit, the boy was thrown atop of the hood of Hildreth’s vehicle.  

Local police stated Hildreth was driving 58 mph in a 35 mph zone when he hit the boy.