“Killer” Tim Brooks passes away Tuesday at age 72 after a battle with cancer

Tim Brooks passes away at age 72 after a battle with cancer

“Killer” Tim Brooks passed away Tuesday at age 72 after a battle with cancer.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s Brooks wrestled for promotions that included the National Wrestling Alliance, Pacific Northwest Wrestling, World Wrestling Council, World Class Championship Wrestling, and Southwest Championship Wrestling.

He got his start in 1969, joining his cousin Dick Murdoch in the Detroit, Michigan and Toronto, Canada territories.  He worked as a mid-card heel, often being managed by Skandor Akbar, Armand Hussein, and Gary Hart. 

In 1983, Brooks was part of an storyline in which he sold his NWA National Heavyweight Championship to Larry Zbyszko after defeating Paul Orndorff.  As part of the angle, Zbyszko was stripped of the Championship Belt he had not legitimately won. 

Brooks left Georgia and then went to Southwest Championship Wrestling in San Antonio, TX. During his time in SWC, he held the promotion’s Heavyweight Championship on two separate occasions. In 1985, he then went to work in Puerto Rico for the World Wrestling Council.

In 1986, Brooks made appearances in the Montreal territory under the in-ring gimmick of “Buster Brody” as Bruiser Brody’s kayfabe brother. In 1990 Brooks started the NAWA Pro Wrestling School in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Brooks retired in 1997, and was the owner and head trainer for the North American Wrestling Allegiance Pro Wrestling School, which was a training facility for NAWA Pro Wrestling.

Brooks is credited as training current WWE NXT superstar Keith Lee.

On behalf of the entire staff at Wrestleview, our thoughts, prayers and condolences are with the friends and family of Tim Brooks during this difficult and sad time.