October 26, 2010

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From Battling Life-Threatening Illness to Video Game Star

Shannon Rose in EA Sports MMA

(Tampa, FL) – Shannon Rose suffers from the life-threatening illness, EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). He overcame the challenges of this debilitating disease to become a major success, and is now a ring announcer in the hot new EA Sports MMA Video Game that was released October 19, 2010.

Rose’s voice and signature announcing style are captured perfectly alongside the giants of the MMA world is a testament to his rise to prominence in the world of Sports.

“I am both excited and honored to be a part of the new EA Sports MMA game!” Rose says. He added, “I am living my dream.”

Rose recognizes this as a huge accomplishment in his already established career; but as he will say without hesitation, it was a struggle to get to this point.

Rose was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder, EDS at a young age. Rose is the National Spokesperson for Ehlers-Danlos Network CARES.

His story is an inspirational story from overcoming the disease that has plagued him since youth to national media success is one that captures the power of the human spirit and the drive to thrive and survive.

At the age of 12, Rose lost his voice for a year and suffered paralysis in both arm. He managed to overcome these setbacks, which would have made a major impact on his career as a ring announcer. Today Rose still suffers from various problems involving no feeling in his arms, heart problems and paralysis of his left diaphragm.

When Rose was 12 he was granted a wish from the Make-A-Wish foundation to meet the wrestling icon, Hulk Hogan. He didn’t know it then, but that wish would open up a career for Rose that he still enjoys to this day.

In meeting Hogan, Rose was introduced to Legendary Announcer Gordon Solie. Solie was the first person to mentor Rose, along with giving him his first payment for work: a crisp $5 dollar bill which still hangs in Rose’s office to this day.

At age 14, Rose started his career as a ring announcer for pro wrestling and other sporting events.

Rose has received some incredible honors over the years such as being named “Rising Star” by the St. Petersburg Times and “Everyday Hero” by Bay News 9.

This is the story of a child that had a dream, a dream that turned into reality.


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