Arda Ocal sent this in:

Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas were joined on Right After Wrestling by Jacques Rougeau Jr. Highlights:

– Shares his thoughts and memories of Edouard Carpentier, including teaching him and his brother Raymond the “Quebec Bomb” they used as the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers
– Why did Hulk Hogan allow Jacques Rougeau to pin him clean in Montreal at a WCW house show in Montreal?

– Recollecting on the infamous backstage altercation involving him and Dynamite Kid

– Did he ever feel handcuffed by Quebec / Canadian stereotype gimmicks?

– Having his farewell tour starting in December 2010

– Having all three of his 3 sons in wrestling, now 4th generation Rougeau wrestlers

EXCERPT: “Hogan turned to me and said ‘Jacques, I’m going to make you win tonight’.. and I started laughing in front of all the boys because it was so funny and all the boys were laughing. It took me a couple years to realize why he wanted to do that. It wasn’t me who pinned him it was the Rougeau family and what we did for wrestling. Also it’s because of what I did to Dynamite Kid. You know the big fight I had with the Bulldogs. Hulk is a guy with a good image and he took care of wrestling and he didnt like the guys partying all night. We know Dynamite made Honky Tonk cry in the dressing room, he shaved Outback Jack’s head, do things to the boys that didn’t deserve it. And when he picked on me, I had a choice to make. I’ll either become the laughing stock of the WWF, or I’m going to make a comeback. I did it out of pride.”

Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas interviewed Ken Patera. Highlights:

– Placing ahead of “The Incredible Hulk” Lou Ferrigno at the 1977 World’s Strongest Man Competition, and beating him in a tug-o- war

– Helping break Ric Flair get into wrestling through Verne Gagne’s wrestling camps

– Was it a mistake for him to return to wrestling after his prison sentence?

– Being broke when he entered and when he left the wrestling business

– Would he accept a call to the WWE Hall of Fame?

– How Vince Sr. treated him vs Vince Jr.

EXCERPT: “I got Ric (Flair) into wrestling. Ric and I were sharing a house with a couple other guys in 1972 and he was hounding me to introduce him to Verne Gagne because I was starting at Gagne’s training camp in a few weeks. I finally took him down to the old wrestling office in downtown Minneapolis and introduced him to Verne. He said “I already have enough guys, I can’t handle one more”. The other guys were Greg Gagne, Verne’s son, The Iron Sheik, Jumpin Jim Brunzell. Finally we convinced him to include Ric and that’s how it all started.”

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