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Jersey All Pro Wrestling proudly presents JERSEY ALL PRO WRESTLING RADIO exclusively on This week’s show was once again was hosted by Mark Clemson & Monsta Mack.

Jersey All Pro Wrestling is coming off of it’s first LIVE event of the year. The show opened up talking about the results of that show and the apparent knee injury by Monsta Mack. Mack stated due to 14 years of wrestling his knee isn’t 100%, but he injured some ligaments and popped his knee cap out of place that night. He can walk, but isn’t 100%

10 minutes into the show, we got a call from our special guest, former WWE and debuting NJPW Superstar, MVP. This 60 minute interview covered his entire career and really showed the listener who MVP is. He stated one of his main goals is to wrestling in Japan and on February 20th, he will debut Ghetto Strong Style in NJPW. During the interview, it was confirmed that MVP will be wrestling when JAPW Promotions proudly promotes New Japan Pro Wrestling Invading the East Coast. He stated he has his sights set on the new title coming to New Japan: the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. MVP was very candid about such topics as the WWE Style v. the Japanese Style, the WWE Schedule v. the Japanese schedule and even how the TV Programs are produced. One of the eye opening statements in this interview was MVP’s story on his first MSG match and the what led up to it. This is MVP’s first “post-WWE” interview and he is very open and honest in this interview.

After MVP left the program, there was more discussion about JAPW’s first LIVE event and the next JAPW LIVE event on Saturday Night, March 26 in at the K.O.C. Boxing Hall in South River.

Please stay tuned this weekend to to see the first two match released from the February 5th show in South River!

JAPW Radio has now moved to Wednesday Nights at 7pm exclusively on so be sure to listen LIVE or the archived version that is uploaded minutes after the LIVE version.