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‘Half Pint Brawlers’ — Hulk Hogan is Ripping Us Off!

The guys from “Half Pint Brawlers” feel so ripped off by Hulk Hogan’s new “midget wrestling” show on TruTV, they’re talkin’ lawsuit.

HPB’s founder Puppet the Psycho Dwarf tells TMZ … Hulk’s new show, “Micro Championship Wrestling,” is straight up stealing.

“Half Pint Brawlers” on Spike TV followed a group of midget wrestlers trying to create a specialty brand … which is exactly what Hulk is doing on TruTV.

The reality star goes on to say, “There were a lot of situations that appeared to be copied from what we already did. There were also statements made by members that are almost the exact words out of my mouth.”

More than a little coincidental?